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With a wheelbase of 2.7 meters, kaiyixuandu has been offline from the factory and will be listed in the third quarter

2021-08-26 07:09:23 Vehicle vision technology

recently , Cheshijie technology learned , Kaiyi new car xuandu in 2021 year 8 month 18 It was officially offline in the factory on the th . The wheelbase of the new car has reached 2 rice 7, Positioned in compact cars , Carrying Chery 1.5T The engine , matching 9 speed CVT transmission , Four wheel independent suspension is adopted .

before , Kaiyi automobile has revealed some information about the new car , The appearance will be introduced 5 Two exterior colors , They are Xinghe white 、 The rising sun is red 、 Scorching sun gold 、 Popular grey 、 The world is black . In terms of shape , The front of the new car adopts dot matrix large-size double section air inlet grille , Match with sharp and exaggerated headlights , Make the front of the car look very visual impact . meanwhile , The new car is surrounded by L The shape reverse flow design makes the front of the car enhance a lot of sportiness .

Body size , The length, width and height of kaiyixuan are 4666/1825/1483mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm. In terms of shape , The side design of kaiyixuandu body is quite simple , A waist line extends from the front fender to the tail lamp group , Make the body look more slender .

The rear part , The new car adopts the concave design idea , A sense of hierarchy . The new car adopts double-sided double outlet exhaust design , With blackened tail lamp group , It looks quite sporty .

interiors , The new car adopts the popular design language , Add the suspended central control screen , And with intelligent networking system , Ensure the sense of technology in the car . meanwhile , The interior of the new car is wrapped with a large number of soft leather materials , Added a lot of sense of grade .

motivation , The new car will be equipped with Chery 1.5T The engine , The most powerful 115kW, Maximum torque 230Nm, Match can simulate 9 Fast CVT transmission . in addition , The new car provides four-wheel independent suspension , Before the adoption of McPherson 、 Combination mode of rear multi connecting rod .

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