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Comprehensive upgrade, Xingtu m3x Mars architecture Pro is released, and Lingyun 400t will be launched

2021-08-26 07:09:25 Vehicle vision technology

2021 year 8 month 18 Friday night , Chery's high-end brand Xingtu officially released its M3X Mars Architecture PRO, And announced the birth of a new model Xingtu Lingyun under this architecture 400T It will go on sale at the end of this month . The new car had previously announced the pre price , Interval is 15.90-17.99 Ten thousand yuan .

The way M3X Mars Architecture PRO It can be seen that the star path has the structure of Mars 2.0 edition , At the same time, it is also the carrier of Xingtu brand from 2.0 Phase turn 3.0 The important underlying foundation of the stage , And important guiding logic .M3X In “M” Refers to Mars (Mars)、“3” Refers to the three living things 、“X” It means infinite possibility . Official name ,M3X Mars Architecture PRO Bring... To consumers 4 Large module 、13 Upgrade customer benefits 、63 Product technology / Functional innovation .

400T Nuclear power :2.0T High power engine upgrade

At the press conference , Xingtu officials highlighted the new Chery high-power version 2.0TGDI The engine . Compared with before , Xingtu further adopts ultra-high pressure oil pump 、 Upgrade valve train materials 、 Optimize the matching and calibration of combustion system , Make a brand new 2.0T The maximum power of the engine reaches 192kW, The maximum torque is increased to 400Nm( originally 390Nm), At the same time, it has the highest 96kW Power up 、200Nm Lifting torque , The thermal efficiency reaches 41%,0-100km/h Acceleration time 7 second ( The stars are flying in the clouds 400T).

in addition , this M3X Mars Architecture PRO Also released the industry's first SREV Nuclear extended range power . The future mass production will be based on engine + Front dual motor + The rear motor forms a hybrid 4WD mode , And with motor multi-point uniform injection + Rotor oil rejection and oil cooling technology , So that this power system can support hybrid 、 Pure electricity 、 Extended range three power assemblies , Become a guiding solution . This set of SREV Extended range power is more powerful than pure electric 、 Than traditional PHEV Faster 、 It is more fuel-efficient than the traditional booster program . The specific term , This set of SREV The extended range power realizes the whole vehicle 0-100km/h Accelerated entry 5 Seconds , The comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is lower than 1L.

SREV Release of nuclear extended range power , signify M3X Mars Architecture PRO It will become a hotbed that can support the diversified development of power system , It is a guiding framework that can support the transformation of Xingtu to electric in the future , It shows Chery group 24 Over the years, the enterprise based on technology has basically .

stay M3X Mars Architecture PRO On the basis of , The proportion of high strength steel in the whole vehicle of Xingtu's models has increased 15%, Reach the whole vehicle 85% High strength steel cover , The structure of hood and front longitudinal beam is optimized , Reduce the injury to external pedestrians during impact . in addition , The front cabin collision energy absorption is optimized , Reduce passenger compartment deformation , More considerate protection for drivers and passengers .

In terms of intelligence , be based on M3X Mars Architecture PRO, Xingtu will encrypt and store user data , Establish firewall mechanism , Protect user privacy , Build an Internet information security network , Protect users in all directions . in addition , The future of this star path release M3X Mars Architecture PRO Its models will start to carry Xiongshi Zhiyun Lion 4.1 edition .

Lion wise cloud Lion Version implements the whole vehicle FOTA upgrade , Support powertrain 、 Network system 、 Infotainment system 、 Intelligent driving assistance system, etc , common 9 Major item 、 Near phase function FOTA upgrade . meanwhile , The new version also enables mobile phones APP Remote control vehicle , Mobile Bluetooth Car Key assistance OTA etc. .

Configuration and calibration inside and outside the vehicle ,M3X Mars Architecture PRO The latest solutions are also given , For seat comfort 、NVH System 、 The sound system 、 Driving pattern matching and other details have been optimized and adjusted , Ensure to provide consumers with better driving texture and riding texture .

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Xingtu brand is a high-end brand launched by Chery , Born at the time of great changes in the world automobile industry , It can rapidly change from the underlying architecture according to the development of the times , In addition to Chery's technology gene , What's more is the ideological change of the star path , Grasp the main context of future automobile development . Timely launch M3X Mars Architecture PRO It is in such a strong support for the upper limit of the future development of the star path formed by the first emancipation of the mind . The ancients often said , aim high , That is, ambitious , The upper limit will never be low . The future of Starway , Maybe as high as Mars .

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