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Geely's semi annual financial report and planning: revenue of 45 billion 2025 target annual sales of 3.65 million

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recently , Geely Automobile Holding Co., Ltd 2021 The first half of the year .2021 In the first half of , Operating income of Geely Automobile 450 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 22%, Profit attributable to shareholders after deduction of share based payments 30.2 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 31%, Shareholders should account for the profit 23.8 RMB 100 million , Net profit 24.1 RMB 100 million .

Abundant cash flow , Single vehicle revenue increased year-on-year 10%, Sales growth 19%

2021 year 1-6 month , Geely car sales 630237 car , Up about 19%. It is worth mentioning that , Link car 1-6 Monthly cumulative sales 107873 car , Year-on-year growth 96.98%, Accounted for Geely's automobile sales reached 17.11%. Overall speaking , First half of this year , Geely Automobile handed over a brilliant report card , Link car is closer to 100% The growth rate shows strong brand competitiveness .

in addition ,2021 In the first half of , Geely ( Hanlingke ) Average income per car 84184 element , Year-on-year growth 10%, The ability of brand premium continues to improve .

Geely Automobile's profit structure shows a diversified trend , In the first half of the year, the joint venture company ( Lingke and Jizhi Finance ) Net profit growth 62%, Among them, Lingke's net profit increased 144%, Jizhi financial net profit increased 41%. More Than This , Technology output has become a new growth point of profits , The proportion of profits from technical services and licensing increased to 29%. at present , Geely Automobile continues to maintain a sound financial situation , Abundant cash flow . end 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , Geely's total cash level reached 199.2 One hundred million yuan .

CMA The architecture is constantly imported , Stride forward 4.0 The era of building a car with a comprehensive architecture system

2020 year , Geely Automobile high-end announced to enter Geely Technology 4.0 Time , Continue to promote enterprise transformation , stride into 4.0 The era of comprehensive architecture and car building . This year, 7 month 20 Japan , Geely Automobile officially released “ Geely brand CMA High end series ”, Name it “ Chinese star ”, You Xingyue L、 The more stars S And Xingrui . data display ,1-7 month ,“ Chinese star ” Cumulative sales volume of models 95465 car , Xingrui is listed 9 The cumulative monthly sales volume is nearly 10 Thousands of cars , The average monthly sales volume is more than 10000 , And the newly listed Xingyue L Order over 3 Ten thousand units .“ Chinese star ” Models are becoming a new growth point of Geely's auto sales .

More Than This , As the champion of Chinese brand sales for many years , Geely Automobile has been sparing no effort to promote the brand upward , First launched link , Then it was fully introduced into Geely brand CMA framework , Reshape the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the world . With “ Chinese star ” The launch of the model , Geely Automobile has actually launched a new competitive relationship with mainstream joint venture brands in an all-round way, which is completely different from that in previous years . adopt “ Don't try 、 No comparison 、 Not for sale ” The slogan of the ,“ Chinese star ” Models have begun to face the competition with joint venture brand models , And successfully in the car 、SUV The field is torn open .

This year, , The development of Lingke automobile has entered its fifth year , The cumulative sales volume in the Chinese market has exceeded 55 Thousands of cars , It has realized China's high-end automobile brand “ breakthrough ”, It has established Lingke's leading position in China's automobile impact on the high-end market . data display , Lingke is the first model of Lingke automobile 01 The total sales volume has exceeded 20 Thousands of cars . Behind the high sales performance is the success of Lingke automobile brand and the user's recognition of Lingke's value .

It is worth mentioning that ,2021 In the first half of , Geely's sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles increased year-on-year 189%. The first model of the brand new krypton brand, krypton 001 Bookings exceed expectations ,2021 The annual deliverable order has been sold out . Despite the chip 、 Some problems of insufficient supply of suppliers , But on the whole, it is undeniable that krypton 001 In this level, pure electric models as traditional automobile enterprises .

Proton X50

Overseas market , Geely 1-6 The monthly cumulative export volume reached 53422 car , Year on year growth 173%. meanwhile , Lingke automobile officially entered the European market , In Holland 、 Germany 、 Belgium 、 Sweden and other countries have achieved terminal delivery . In the Southeast Asian market , Proton's total sales in the first half of the year 57854 car , High market share 23.5%.

Release 5 Year plan ,2025 Annual sales volume 365 Thousands of cars

As of press time , Geely Automobile Group officially released 5 Year plan . To 2025 year , Geely Automobile Group aims to achieve annual sales 365 Thousands of cars , Among them, electric vehicles account for more than 30%, The market share ranks first among Chinese brands . meanwhile , Krypton also announced that the cumulative sales volume will reach 65 Thousands of cars , The goal of market share entering the top three .

meanwhile , Geely motor will be in 2021 Launch a new power brand during the year GHS2.0 Intelligent hybrid system , Take the lead in “ Chinese star ” models , And will be in 3 During the year, it was successively carried in 10 The rest of the new models , And will supply all over the world .

besides , In the second half of this year , All brands of Geely Automobile Group will launch new products , Geely brand will launch the fourth generation of Dihao , The pre-sale price has been announced 8.7-9.2 Ten thousand yuan . In terms of Lingke brand, it will launch a new brand based on the shared with Volvo cars SPA A brand new platform SUV Models brought g 09. Polar krypton 001 The model will be in 10 Official delivery starts in January . Geometry car will be launched in the second half of the year SEA The vast architecture creates a new A00 Class a pure electric vehicle .

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Won the Chinese brand champion for many years , Geely Automobile is completing 3.0 After the era of boutique cars , Entered the technology industry 4.0 The new age . In this era , Geely Automobile will bravely open the direct competition with joint venture brands in China's automobile market , It will further accelerate the transformation of enterprises , It will also be committed to rapidly growing into a global automotive group . From Li Shufu founded Geely to now , The development is close to 30 Geely has long been a legend in Chinese automobile history , It has written the struggle history of private automobile enterprises growing up in the historical torrent of reform and opening up . Looking back , Geely Automobile has been committed to developing into a car that people can afford . Looking forward to the future , Geely has been practicing “ Happy life , Auspicious company ” Brand value proposition , And on its basis, it extends “ Great because of happiness ” New brand value proposition .

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