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Geely's fourth generation imperial was listed on August 28, with 87000 pre-sales and orders breaking 10000 in 10 days

2021-08-26 07:09:31 Vehicle vision technology

recently , We learned that , Gilidi 4 Dai Dihao will be in 8 month 28 Official listing . The new car had previously announced the pre price , Respectively 8.7、9.2 Ten thousand yuan . It is worth mentioning that , After the pre-sale policy is released , Geely Auto officially launched 10000 individual “ Ten times the deposit ” Quota , stay 10 It was robbed in a day . And then , Geely officials added 5000 individual “ Ten times the deposit ” Quota . And get before 15000 individual “ Ten times the deposit ” after , The first 4 The pre-sale prices of daidihao are 8.2、8.7 Ten thousand yuan .

The new car was born out of... Jointly developed with Volvo cars BMA framework , Position the entry-level compact car . aesthetic , The first 4 Dai Dihao has fully integrated Geely into the design concept 4.0 The design language of the times , It looks like a “ Xiaoxingrui ”.

The front part of the car , The new car adopts straight waterfall air inlet grille , Match the headlight sets on both sides , It gives people the feeling of being steady and ready to go . in addition , The new car perfectly inherits the Xingrui three-stage LED Design of daytime running lights , Make the new car look more design .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4638/1820/1460mm, The wheelbase is 2650mm, Compared with the previous model , conductor 、 The vehicle width is increased , The body height is reduced , Keep the wheelbase consistent .

In terms of shape , The change in size makes the body of the new car lower , Added a lot of sense of movement , It looks more slender . The rear part , The new car has also been completely combed , The design of through tail lamp is used , The tail lamp group shall be blackened . It is worth mentioning that , The new car also designs a black highlight trim panel at the rear of the car , Through lamp group , Silver... Is printed on the top “GEELY” English character mark , Their identity .

interiors , The first 4 Dai Dihao is also integrated into Geely 4.0 The latest design language of the times , Make the car more scientific and technological . in addition , The new car adopts full LCD instrument + Design of suspended central control panel , And integrated into the latest intelligent vehicle machine system , The central control screen adopts brand-new UI Design , Impressions 、 The tactility and response speed are better than those of the previous generation .

motivation , One new car 1.5 Lift naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 85kW, Maximum torque 147Nm, matching CVT Stepless gearbox . In suspension , The new car USES the former McPherson 、 Combination of rear torsion beam .

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In the vast majority of independent brands return to the car market , But under the background of the movement of benchmarking itself , There are only Geely cars, and imperial has been continuously strengthening the household label , And joint venture brand cars “ killing ”. The first three generations , Dihao through continuous 9 It proved its strength by winning the sales champion of Chinese brand cars in , It proves that Geely is facing the competition , Not afraid of challenges . Now? , The first 4 Daidihao has once again strengthened its family car label , In the entry-level compact car market , Can it further shake the advantages of the joint venture brand in the car market ? We'll see !

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