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The new geometric C has been on the market since 129800, with rich configuration and 550 km endurance

2021-08-26 07:09:42 Vehicle vision technology

2021 year 8 month 17 Sunday night ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Officially listed . New car launch 5 models , Price range: 12.98-18.28 Ten thousand yuan . The new car is regarded as the model of the year , The adjustment in appearance and interior design is not big , But the configuration has been upgraded . in addition , New car carrying energy density 183.23Wh/kg High energy density ternary lithium battery pack , Capacity of 70kWh,NEDC really · life 550km. meanwhile , The new car is still launched NEDC life 400km Version of the model .

After the price of the new car is announced, the corresponding preferential welfare policies are also announced . Namely C+ Happy loan gift , Enjoy the supreme 8000 RMB financial loan discount ;C+ Renewal ceremony , Supreme 1.5 10000 yuan replacement subsidy ;C+ See you ,1000 The deposit is deducted from 6000 Yuan car ;C+ Changxing gift bag , The total price 22000 yuan , Only 3000 element , Include 10 10000 kilometers of electricity subsidy 、 The manufacturer presents the charging pile 、 Three electricity lifetime warranty 、 Lifelong free basic maintenance, etc .

aesthetic ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Compared with the old model in design, there is not much adjustment , The design without air inlet grille is still adopted , With all the standard LED headlight , Make the front of the car more visual impact .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4432/1833/1560mm, The wheelbase is 2700mm, Positioning compact pure electric SUV. In terms of shape , The new car still adopts smooth and simple design ideas , Make the side of the body more characteristic .

interiors ,2021 Paragraph geometry C The biggest change is the addition of “ Honey milk coffee interior ”, For the overall interior color matching , Seat packages are adjusted ,550km Model provision . The new color brings a visual feeling completely different from the ordinary color in the car , It can better reflect the identity of its new energy model , Make the car more home .

configuration , The new car has made a lot of adjustments to the configuration , Added the latest GKUI EV Geke smart ecosystem , Support for intelligence AI Voice control 、 Intelligent unbounded car home Interconnection ( Car controller 、 Home control car )、 Application mall 、 vehicle 4G High-speed networks 、 vehicle WIFI、APP Remote control vehicle 、 Four profiles ( smoking 、 elantra 、 Parents and children 、 Wake up ).

Other configuration aspects , A new car 550km Version standard configuration HUD Looked up and show 、 Driver's seat 6 Electric adjustment 、 Microfiber steering wheel 、 Front seat heating 、 The top model is equipped with 72 Color interior ambience light 、9 The speaker BOSE High fidelity sound system and a set of L2 Level assisted driving system , Include ACC Adaptive cruise 、ICC Intelligent navigation system 、FCW Pre collision warning ahead 、AEB Automatic emergency braking 、LKA Lane Keeping Assist 、LDW Lane departure warning 、BSD Blind area monitoring 、SLIF Speed limit identification system 、IHBC Intelligent high and low beam control . It is worth mentioning that , this 2021 Paragraph geometry C In addition to bringing APA Fully automatic parking , Also added RPA Magic mode , Parking can be done by remote control .

motivation ,2021 Paragraph geometry C Equipped with a three in one electric drive system ( The motor 、 Electronic control 、 retarder ), The most powerful 150kW, Maximum torque 310Nm.NEDC Endurance ,, The new car is still pushing 400km、550km Two versions , The capacity of the battery pack is 53kWh、70kWh.

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from 2021 Paragraph geometry C In terms of price , The launch of new models has achieved “ Additional allocation does not increase the price ”, Not only does the price not rise , And the configuration has been greatly improved . From geometry C In terms of ability , Its main focus is “ It's a real endurance ” It has become Geometry C Label on product strength . Compared with some models with higher endurance level , The geometric C The energy density of the battery pack is higher , More capacity , but NEDC The range calibration is slightly conservative . Think about it from another angle , Not so much Geometry C The range is conservative , It's better to say that geometric cars are right C The endurance requirement is simple “ really ”, Only “ really ” Endurance can really help C End user , It has reference value . From this point of view , The dimension of geometric automobile has exceeded the inherent cognition of the industry , praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct .

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