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Go to the store to take real photos of GAC Toyota lingshang, 150000 class large space car / 100% real family car

2021-08-26 07:09:46 Vehicle vision technology

Beijing time. 8 month 4 Japan , GAC Toyota's brand new TNGA Leapfrog car lingshang starts delivery . The new car is equipped with the same level as Camry 2.0L Large displacement self-priming engine , Toyota is standard TSS 2 Smart travel safety suit . New car launches 2 models , Respectively 2.0L Luxury and 2.0L Noble type , The official selling price range is 14.88 Ten thousand yuan -15.88 Ten thousand yuan . today , We are here 4S shop , Have a static taste of this product from TNGA New car of Architecture .

Ling Shang went to the store with 6 Minimum down payment 2 Annual interest free financial policy , The owner of GAC Toyota lingshang is selected for the second purchase , Enjoy the most 3000 element / Replacement subsidy for Taiwan , Let young consumers at a price within reach , Enjoy a leapfrog driving experience comparable to medium and high-class cars .

Ling Shang is based on TNGA Architecture to create , It is on the same platform as the listed FAW Toyota Asia lion 、 Same size , Sister models , But the design is obviously different . The front face has a strong sense of hierarchy , The dive shape is full of aggression . Chrome plated trim on both sides of the lower enclosure , To form the “ Convex ” The font , Militantly proclaim , It feels like big brother Camry .

Irregular headlights with sharp corners , The shape is very sharp , The real model is equipped with a lens LED Light source headlights , Pair with two LED Daytime running light , The visual appearance after lighting is quite good .

Lingshang is positioned as a compact car , The length, width and height are respectively 4695/1780/1435mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm. At present, among the car products sold by GAC Toyota , be based on TNGA-C The wheelbase of leiling built by the platform is 2700mm, be based on TNGA-K The wheelbase of Camry built on the platform is 2825mm, Ling Shang's figure is just between the two .

The whole new car is equipped with 17 Inch wheels , The real shooting model adopts Bridgestone's calm T005 Series tires , The specification is 224/45 R17.17 Inch multi banner rim in gun gray , It looks very exquisite .

Nowadays, major car companies make cars , Will print the model name on the rear of the car , So is Ling Shang . The overall design of the rear is quite simple , A sense of hierarchy . A black decorative strip connects the tail lights on both sides , More youthful .

The interior space of the rear compartment is very regular , And the rear seats support 4/6 Scale down , Further expand the space .

Into the car , Lingshang's overall interior design style is home and warm , The real model adopts all black interior color matching , And orange stitching process , The center console looks very comfortable . The layout of the center console is very similar to leiling , A lot of soft materials are used to wrap , Full of texture .

The actual model is 2021 paragraph 2.0L Deluxe edition , The steering wheel is made of plastic . Through the multi-function buttons on both sides, you can find , The new car is equipped with a lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Full speed range adaptive cruise and other functions , Active security configuration is quite rich .

The instrument panel is mechanical + LCD design , Screen for 4.2 Inch , It can display rich driving information .

The suspended central control panel is 8 Inch , Support bluetooth / Car phone 、CarPlay、CarLife function , The atmosphere of science and technology is stronger .

The seats are wrapped in leather , The sense of design is very good , With the sewing process , Most people's taste . The seat filler is thick , It can provide a better ride experience .

The longer wheelbase brings better rear space for lingshang , And the rear seats inherit the comfort of the front seats , Independent air conditioning outlet 、USB All interfaces provide good riding experience for rear passengers .

motivation , Lingshang is equipped with 2.0L The engine , matching Direct Shift-CVT transmission , This power combination must be familiar to everyone , It has been carried on many Toyota models . The engine has 40% thermal efficiency , Maximum horsepower 171Ps, Maximum torque 205N·m.

Spend a little money on big things , The leapfrog configuration is this 15 The biggest advantage of 10000 level lingshang . And from TNGA Architecture of it , In security 、 Handling to a higher level . If you want big space 、 High cost performance , Then GAC Toyota lingshang is definitely a good choice .

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