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The fake non double Hengjian dahaido 500 is suspected to be priced from 28800 yuan

2021-08-26 07:20:11 Oriental Information automobile

I don't know if you still remember the face hit Honda non double , With a double tank design , And it claims to have a range of more than 1000km Hengjian grand seaway , Since its debut, it has been full of mixed comments , But anyway ,“ An ugly daughter-in-law always has to see her father-in-law ”.

‹ Shanzhai is not double › Hengjian dahaido 500, For less than 4 ten thousand , Endurance claim 1200 km

But almost half a year has passed , The car is still not on the market . But according to the car friends , It seems that the pricing has come out , Hengjian dahaido 500 Will be divided into three configuration versions ( Network transmission properties , The official has not yet officially announced , It may not be certain of its authenticity ). Zhixiang version :28800 element

Premium Edition :32800 element

Through version :34800 element

But in Hokkaido 500 When I first appeared , It is reported that the price of the high configuration version will be less than 40000 , Now the selling price in the figure is indeed within this range . The power system is from Longxin KE500 In line two cylinder water-cooled engine , This engine is nothing to worry about , I just don't know if it will give the low configuration a different engine like the motorcycle Owl .

At the same time, the difference between different versions should be different in hardware configuration , For example, damping brake rim, etc , As for the one who claims to have a endurance of more than 1000 Kilometers ago 23L after 17.3L Dual tank design , I don't know if it will be standard .

In Hokkaido 500 Before , Hengjian has completely copied Honda 500 Three models of the series , However, due to poor reputation, the response is flat , On the contrary, Hengjian two impact off-road vehicle has a good reputation in the off-road circle . If dahaido can have the quality of Hengjian off-road vehicle , And independent original appearance, if you don't take the road of plagiarism , Just take the selling point of double fuel tanks , Enough in ADV Have a place in the market , Otherwise, it will only repeat the mistakes of Zhongtai in the end .

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