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How to choose BMW 5 series, Audi A6L, Mercedes Benz E-class and new Lexus es?

2021-08-26 07:31:40 Oriental Information automobile

Is there any difference between rich people and ordinary people in choosing cars ? The results are similar . Because many rich people also love face , So BMW 5 system , It has become the first choice for these people , First, the white clouds and blue sky are marked with enough luxury , The second is influenced by driving a BMW and riding a Mercedes Benz , After all, under this sentence, it means that the driver may drive a Mercedes Benz , And these are two important reasons why many people choose this car . But if you carefully analyze the product power , You'll find BMW 5 Department and A6L and E There is a clear gap between the two levels ,5 The power performance of the entry-level version of the system is the weakest , And configuration E Class has obvious advantages , So for consumers who know a little about cars , After a simple comparison, they will choose Audi A6L Or Mercedes Benz E level , Moreover, the latter two have not lost BMW in sports optimization in recent years 5 Tied up .

But for consumers who really understand cars , None of the above three cars is the first choice , Why is that ? In fact, this is an old question ,BBA For the three major German giants , They have many similarities , Even one disadvantage is similar , That's the problem of oil burning and oil leakage , This is a common problem in these three cars , Although it won't have much impact on the car , But everyone wants to buy a better quality model , So those who really understand cars will not choose BMW 5 system , I won't choose A6L or E level , But would choose to pick up a Lexus ES, There are many reasons for this !

firstly : lexus ES The quality stability of is the best at the same level . second : lexus ES The hedging rate of is the highest in the same level ,3 The annual hedging rate is as high as 85.83%, And domestic A6L Only for 61.67%. third : lexus ES The car cost is the lowest in the same level . Its 4 : lexus ES It has imported high-quality materials for workmanship . Fifth : lexus ES Have far more than the same level of worry free after-sales service , That is, hybrid models not only enjoy 6 Years or 15 Extra long warranty of ten thousand kilometers , And during this period, you can also enjoy the free maintenance and repair policy . And now add a little , That's the new Lexus ES It has been officially launched , The market guide price is 29.49 Ten thousand yuan -48.89 Ten thousand yuan , As a pure imported model , Not only in terms of price, it still has an advantage , And the product power has been improved again .

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