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The role of Ningde era is far more than batteries“ "Disintegration" of the dollar oil system or the ultimate goal

2021-08-26 07:44:30 Oriental Information automobile

The first generation of sodium ion battery in Ningde era went online , It is known that it will change the market pattern of new energy vehicles . The emergence of sodium ion battery , It's a challenge for lithium-ion batteries . The future lithium-ion battery of smart car is likely to be replaced by sodium ion battery . And look further , Sodium ion batteries may further change the energy pattern , It will even reverse today's dollar hegemony by replacing oil .

The development of lithium-ion batteries has raised the use of batteries to a new level , Today's lithium-ion batteries are green , Moreover, it has realized the development from one-time to multiple use batteries in the past , Meet the needs of sustainable development , While constantly improving the functions , The volume of lithium-ion batteries has also been further reduced . Because of so much progress , Lithium ion battery can match the development of automobile , Make smart cars the mainstream of the next era .

But lithium-ion batteries are not completely mainstream , Because its reserves are small , Difficult mining . So it's hard to use it all the time . Especially in our country , Although it has the third largest lithium reserves in the world , But the smelting technology is not perfect , It's just that it doesn't work . At present, China mainly depends on the import of lithium ions from Australia , The danger of getting stuck again at any time . I believe many people still remember the crazy rise in the price of iron ore imported from Australia earlier this year .

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