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Liu Yuxin's misfortune came out of her mouth. The interview said that "thanks for the epidemic" caused controversy, and Wang Han also overturned his car

2021-08-26 07:44:35 Tencent Entertainment

There should not be too many stars who have overturned recently , Sometimes a wrong sentence may cause a lot of controversy ,23 Late at night , Liu Yuxin was also found to have made a slip of the tongue in an event interview , Cause a lot of netizens hot discussion .

During the activity, the host asked Liu Yuxin , I hope she can share her experience in such a special situation last year , Do you have any different ideas . The focus of the host's question is her change , There is no limit , Gave her a lot of room to answer , But who knows what she said first when she came up :“ last year , Actually …… Thank you, too …”

Stop talking about netizens , The host was surprised to hear her answer , Also subconsciously “ Oh ?” For a moment , As a result, Liu Yuxin continued to add :“ Yes .” Hear this netizen directly fry the pot , Think her EQ is too low to speak , Expressed shock . After all, many people's work and life have been seriously affected by the epidemic , Many lives have passed because of this disaster , Everyone is looking forward to the early end of the epidemic , Netizens make complaints about it directly. :“ Liu Yuxin is no longer brainless .” Someone else asked :“ Is this the three views of a normal adult ?”

After a great discussion , Many netizens directly scold , Angrily denounced her for her low EQ, but she couldn't speak well , There are many front-line workers who speak from their own experience , Express your anger , Others say , Thanks to her , Otherwise, I would have been scolded to leave the circle . Liu Yuxin's fans were picked out and said the same thing before , It's ironic .

After Liu Yuxin caused great controversy , The relevant discussion on this matter on the forum was soon deleted , The post no longer exists in less than a minute , Fans also falsely clarified that netizens took it out of context 、 Misinterpret rumors , Directly avoid the original words in Liu Yuxin's interview , Make complaints about it by netizens ,“ Thank you ” Liu Yuxin said it himself , Now fans dare not admit it .

In fact, before Liu Yuxin made confused remarks , Famous host Wang Han has also caused the same controversy , He said :“ My son thanks my father for having time with him ”, The original intention is to express that he is too busy to spend time with his children , But both Wang Han's way of reporting and his son's idea are very inappropriate , Quite a bit “ Why not eat minced meat ” It means , And he doesn't seem to realize that , During the live broadcast, speak the above words openly , Fortunately, Bai Yansong saved the scene with wit , Hurry to get the topic back on track .

And it's also about “ Thank you ” This topic , Some netizens directly compare Wang Yuan and Liu Yuxin , Also said :“ Sure enough, artists need to grow their brains , There is no reason to always paste and grow red .”

Review Wang Yuan's reaction at that time , After hearing the reporter say “ Thank you ” after , Wang Yuan quickly corrected the reporter :“ Can't say thank you , Of course, I hope this epidemic has never happened , But now that it happened , Life is like this , Just enjoy this life .” Cleverly defused a crisis , It can be said to be very high EQ .

Stars as public figures , People stare at everything , Be careful in your words and deeds under all circumstances , Otherwise it's easy to roll over . Of course , Liu Yuxin can't blame others for the rollover , Cause so much controversy , Fans also falsely clarified , It also caused some bad effects , I hope she can realize her own shortcomings .

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