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Mazda CX5 was rear ended by Jetta. The owner praised the good quality. Netizen: pull out Tiguan

2021-08-26 07:59:38 Oriental Information automobile

In the domestic car market , The best sellers are German cars and Japanese cars , So the dispute between the two is also very big , It's not that Japanese cars are thin and unsafe , It is Tucao's car make complaints about burning oil , Leave aside other issues , This article still talks about the problem of body quality , There happened to be a Mazda not long ago CX5 Being chased by Jetta , The owner praised the good quality , Net friend : Pull out Tiguan quickly !

According to the client Mazda CX5 The owner's story : It was just in time for the weekend , He asked some friends to play billiards , As a result, on the way to the billiards room, I was rear ended by a Volkswagen Jetta taxi , The approximate course of the accident was because a car on the right suddenly changed lanes to the left , Caused me to press the emergency brake to stop , But the taxi owners behind didn't react , Just hit the back of my car , Fortunately, no one was hurt , It's just a false alarm .

From the photos shared by the owner , The loss of this taxi is serious , The front net and headlights have been affected , The hood also has obvious deformation , In addition, the water tank was damaged , But the problem is not serious ; And Mazda CX5 It looks OK on the surface , However, after considering Jetta's car damage , Decide to go 4S Check the store , It turned out that there was no problem , If you don't look carefully , I wouldn't believe it was a car that had just been rear ended , Because I just lost a little paint , After knowing this , The owner also quickly praised the good quality !

Small make up has words : In fact, in this rear end collision , Mazda's advantage is really too big , First, the body is higher than Jetta , Followed by being rear ended , But just being scratched and a little paint is enough to prove that its quality is not bad , For netizens, they said to pull out Tiguan , I don't think Tiguan dare say he will win , I wonder if you have any different views ?

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