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This motorcycle can chase Bugatti with one foot of accelerator, and its front face looks like a fighter! Netizen: ground flight

2021-08-26 08:01:58 Oriental Information automobile

In the car purchase concept of most domestic consumers , If you can afford a car, you don't want a motorcycle , Because the car can keep out the wind and rain , Travel comfort and safety are much higher than motorcycles . But if it goes up to the level of car playing , Not the car level , Then the playability of the motorcycle is quite high , After all, in the same price range , Motorcycles can bring stronger acceleration performance , With the acceleration of more than 100000 motorcycles, it is not difficult to sling a million class sports car .

Refitting an Indian Motorcycle

Playing with motorcycles should not only pay attention to acceleration performance , And a cool look . Recently, an American fan refitted an Indian Motorcycle , be based on 2018 The Indian SCOUT From the transformation of the model . Because the attitude of the original car is very low , So this modified car creates a lower lying style . Borrow the design inspiration of fighter , The owner added an air intake module directly in front of the motorcycle , It looks like a huge fighter air inlet , Not only the visual effect is very domineering , It can also increase heat dissipation efficiency .

Refitting an Indian Motorcycle

Since the front face looks like a fighter , Then the performance of the vehicle naturally needs to match the appearance . The powertrain follows the original Indian V Model two cylinder engine , The displacement has reached 1133cc, This kind of liter motorcycle is quite powerful , And Yamaha RZ The power output is comparable . So the car's measured acceleration results are also awesome . From a standstill to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, it only takes 3 About seconds , Such achievements can be comparable to super sports cars .

Refitting an Indian Motorcycle

If you use the full throttle , This motorcycle can catch up with Bugatti sports car with one foot of Accelerator , This is not exaggeration , After all, the motorcycle's own weight is the biggest advantage . Speed can even break through 350 Km / h , Because the aerodynamic shape is better , It is also more stable at extreme speed . But accelerate a motorcycle to 300 More than kilometers per hour , That experience should be uncomfortable , The first is to face great wind resistance pressure , In addition, the risk is also high , Some netizens said that such a high speed is like flying close to the ground .

Refitting an Indian Motorcycle

What's interesting is that , This car is top heavy and light , In fact, the weight ratio of front and rear wheels is strictly calculated , After abandoning the spare parts of the rear wheel , The front wheels do carry more weight , This can avoid the phenomenon of front wheel warping in the state of rapid starting . However, the rear wheel abandons the fender configuration, which will also bring many problems , For example, if you drive out on a rainy day , I have to wash clothes when I come back from a trip .

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