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Don't you think the power of your own vegetable car is enough? Then try this thing, power second kill super run

2021-08-26 08:02:02 Oriental Information automobile

F1 了 , Even the plane, they also want to compete , But reality always does not allow , You can only slightly change the car's engine to improve the vehicle's power , But for the modification of the engine , It's often thousands of , Who can stand this , However, this kind of small problem can't embarrass our omnipotent Engineer , Through unremitting efforts, they have developed a new type of automobile tire . Another black Technology , Put on this tire , Family cars are not as powerful as sports cars !

Never mind whether your car is a vegetable car or an elderly scooter , As long as he is installed, he is sure to run out of the feeling of speed and passion , Just be brave , Running an ordinary sports car is not a dream , Loser's counter attack starts from this moment , As long as you've done super running , Marrying Bai Fumei is just around the corner !

The reason why this tire is so magical , This is due to its internal structure , There is a separate drive inside him , Drive the inner ring wheel to rotate to increase the vehicle speed , The driving device is driven by an electric motor to install the tire , It can provide additional 50 To 100 horsepower , thus , A wheel is an independent drive system , Need to know , General 1.5L My family car , That's the horsepower 100 about .

The old saying is good , Just be brave , A sow can go up a tree , Imagine if all four wheels use this kind of tire , All vehicles can become 4WD , Isn't that beautiful ? Guys, what do you think of this ?

In fact, from my personal point of view , Although we can't see this kind of tire in China at present , But such tires must not be cheap , And we usually don't think about family cars . Its own car structure , Chassis adjustment , Just for the family , Force on such a sports tire , That's really unnecessary .

source : China Star circle

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