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It is a medium and large SUV with a starting price of only 134900 yuan. Its configuration is really fragrant

2021-08-26 08:08:41 Car loving Corps

Medium large scale SUV It feels very domineering , Driving out makes people feel very dignified . And space 、 The visual field and other comfort performances are also good , So medium and large SUV It is very popular with consumers in China . however , The car market in the early years , Medium large scale SUV Almost all of them are mainly imported cars , The price is quite expensive , Many consumers are deterred . But with the growing maturity of China's automobile consumption market , The rapid rise of independent brands , There are more and more types of models , The price is more and more close to the people .

Pentium, as an independent brand of FAW Group , Have strong production and R & D capabilities . It is to meet the needs of domestic consumers , On 2019 In, a medium and large-scale SUV— Galloping T99, After the car was officially launched , With domineering 、 The tough appearance and spacious space have attracted a group of young users . And this month 17 Japan ,2022 Pentium T99 Official release , It uses “ Hardline defenders ” The name of , Guard the core values of users in an all-round way , Bring attractive cost performance . New car offers 9 models , Price range: 13.49-18.69 Ten thousand yuan .

Compared with the price of the old model ,2022 Pentium T99 It's full of surprises , The price of its entry-level model has been adjusted down 1.5 Ten thousand yuan . meanwhile , The new car also has many functional configurations , From the riding comfort that users are most concerned about 、 Improve driving safety, etc , Such as driver's seat memory 、 Seat air supply 、 The driver's seat slides back automatically 、 Blind spot prompt / Doubling the auxiliary 、 The exterior rearview mirror has the functions of automatic reverse turning down and following rotation , Let users enjoy more leapfrog configurations and functions at a lower price , Further enhance the competitiveness of new cars .

Manufacturers reduce the pricing of entry-level models , It is no doubt to show sincerity to users . But at the same time , It also provides users with four hard core gifts , And the whole brand “518” Service rights , Include 30 Return and exchange for free every day 、 The whole vehicle is guaranteed for life +5 Free engine oil and other service experience and value-added rights , It covers the user's purchase of a car 、 The car 、 The scene of raising a car , Truly committed , guaranteed , No worries , Committed to building a car with peace of mind 、 Don't worry about buying a car 、 It's easy to repair the car 、 A new and considerate service experience for car maintenance .

In appearance ,2022 Pentium T99 Continue the family “ Light phantom ” Design concept , The front face adopts octagonal digital raindrop air inlet grille , The chrome plated decoration above the grille is connected with the headlights on both sides , The side waistline runs straight through the body , The tail adopts a blackened through tail lamp group , The exquisite atmosphere highlights fashion and vitality . secondly , It is worth mentioning 2022 Pentium T99 On the basis of cash products , Through five modeling changes such as appearance and interior decoration , Further improve the hard style of the new car .

And interior ,2022 Pentium T99 Continue to use T family “ Ring 、 thin 、 light 、 suspension ” Interior style , The full LCD instrument panel is connected with the central control screen to form a joint screen design , Full of sense of technology , It is also equipped with three spoke multi-function steering wheel and touch air conditioning control panel , Make the luxury inside the new car show . in addition , Galloping T99 A large area of soft material package and two-color interior color matching in the carriage , In addition, phoenix pattern welcome floor lamp and threshold decoration , It can also highlight the user's sense of dignity .

In terms of intelligence , Galloping T99 carrying Dlife 5.0 Intelligent networking system , Have 6 Big picture 、24 This application , The recognition rate of voice manipulation is as high as 98%, It can not only allow users to remotely control at home at any time 、 Car home Internet , It can also be carried out during driving AR Live navigation , Let users enter the immersive scene experience .

It is worth mentioning that , On the safety side 2022 Pentium T99 use L2.5 Intelligent driving assistant system , Through multiple technology blessings , Make the vehicle run smoothly on the set cruise coefficient , Make travel more comfortable . in addition , The new car also uses a strong reinforced 3H Structure and vehicle carrying capacity 6 airbag , Comprehensive protection of passengers in the vehicle .

Galloping T99 As a medium and large-scale SUV, Excellent power and handling are essential . It carries 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 165kW, Peak torque reached 340N·m, matching 6AT/8AT transmission , Light start 、 Acceleration is strong , The fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 7.9L. Besides , Front and rear independent suspension and 192mm Hardline off-road level ground clearance , Let the new car have good handling and trafficability , At the same time, it benefits from the vehicle damping system with multi wheel adjustment ,NVH Performance is optimized , The overall tranquility is greatly improved .

this 2022 Pentium T99 The coming of the market , In addition to the surprise of the model price and configuration , FAW Pentium also announced that Zhu Yawen, a powerful actor, is its spokesman . Zhu Yawen is on the screen , This hardline and hard-working spirit and tenacity deduced from the role . In the life , His care for his family 、 Take on 、 Responsibility , Are consistent with the brand spirit of FAW Pentium . this , Endorsed by Zhu Yawen “ Hardline spirit ” And “ Hardline defenders ” The Pentium of T99 Will it impress consumers , We'll see .

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