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The heat is high and the strength is strong. How can you miss these three when buying a pickup truck!

2021-08-26 08:08:43 Car loving Corps

Although the volume of pickup truck market is small , But Chinese people's demand for pickup trucks is not low , Strictly speaking , The development of pickup trucks in China is more limited by policies . But even so , Nor does it prevent brands from putting some boutique models into this field , Like the Great Wall cannon , It can be called the leader in this market , It seems to give people a kind of “ Huff of the pickup world H6” The feeling of .

And when time comes 2021 year , With SAIC Maxus MAXUS T90 And a new generation of Jiangxi Isuzu D-MAX Official listing , It makes the pickup market look more lively , In the past, the Great Wall gun, which was unique, naturally ushered in a new opponent . therefore , Today we might as well take a look at this 3 How does this pickup truck perform , If you are also interested in pickup trucks , Read on !

Great Wall motor - cannon

The guided :9.78-20.78 Ten thousand yuan

The Great Wall cannon has successively launched the passenger version 、 Commercial and off-road pickups . The passenger version is its first model , It also represents the determination of the Great Wall pickup truck to march into passenger use . On the passenger version , The Great Wall cannon changed the previous pickup truck “ Hard bridge, hard horse ” The performance of the , Instead, more multiplicative style changes are added , A large number of chrome plated decorative parts are also added to the appearance .

Due to many versions , Therefore, we will introduce this model of Great Wall cannon with the passenger version . The first is the body size , The dimensions of the vehicle are 5410*1934*1886mm, The wheelbase is 3230mm, Container size is 1520*1520*540mm. In fact, in terms of container size , The dimensions between different versions are basically the same , The main differences are reflected in the body size and wheelbase , And in this , The size of the passenger version is the smallest , The wheelbase is similar , Negligible .

motivation , The vehicle carrying 2.0T Gasoline engine and 2.0T Diesel engine , The maximum power is respectively 190 Horsepower and 163 horsepower , The maximum torque is 360 Niumi and 400 Cattle meters , To match 6MT And ZF's 8AT transmission . In addition to the Great Wall artillery passenger version 、 In addition to the commercial and off-road versions , It has successively launched the travel wear version 、 Artillery and other versions . The emergence of many models , Let the choice of Great Wall cannon become very rich , The actual performance is also quite different , Therefore, you can choose different models according to your actual needs , To get a better car buying experience .

Saic chase - Saic chase MAXUS T90

The guided :12.98-21.98 Ten thousand yuan

T90 SAIC Maxus MAXUS The flagship pickup truck launched , As one of the strong competitors in the pickup truck market , Saic chase MAXUS Has been cultivating the pickup truck market , And launched T60/T70 Two models , The market heat is not low .T90 The emergence of is undoubtedly prepared on the basis of the accumulated reputation and .

Body size ,T90 The length, width and height of individual versions are 5365*1960*1845mm, The wheelbase is 3155mm, It's actually quite close to the performance of the Great Wall gun , And the vehicle has a slight advantage in width .T90 Two versions of standard box and long box are provided , The dimensions of the standard box are 1485*1510*530mm, The length of the long box has reached 1800mm. Besides , The cargo box treasure is also standard for the whole series , It can protect the steel plate .

motivation , The new car offers three power versions , Respectively 2.0T saic π Single turbocharged diesel power / Dual supercharged diesel power and pure electric version , The maximum power is respectively 163 horsepower 、218 horsepower 、177 horsepower , The peak torque is respectively 400 Cattle meters 、500 Cow rice and 310 Cattle meters . Have to say , although T90 It is not as rich as the Great Wall gun in the model version , But thanks to the rich power combination and different box versions , With the blessing of spider wisdom , Actually T90 The freedom of choice is no lower than that of the Great Wall gun , Even more freedom in the choice of configuration .

Jiangxi Isuzu -D-MAX

The guided :13.98-21.48 Ten thousand yuan

Jiangxi Isuzu D-MAX It was once the first automatic pickup truck in China , Once had a good heat and sales in China . After a new generation D-MAX Great efforts have been made in appearance design , The upper and lower layers of the front grille are like tusks, which is very eye-catching , The overall style is very aggressive .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5265*1870*1850mm, The wheelbase is 3125mm. Compared with the other two models , Its body size is not dominant .D-MAX The size of the cargo compartment is 1495*1530*490mm. however D-MAX It seems that there is no cargo box treasure , Cargo box treasure is still very important for pickup truck models , So I suggest you ask the sales when you buy a car to see if it can be optional .

motivation , A whole new generation D-MAX Will continue to use 1.9T Diesel engine , The most powerful 163 horsepower , Peak torque is 360 Cattle meters , The parameter performance is consistent with that of cash . According to the manufacturer's introduction , Its air intake to the engine 、 Sound insulation and noise reduction are optimized , The transmission system matches 6MT And Aisin 6AT transmission . In general ,D-MAX It's recommended today 3 The most expensive of all models , At the same time, it is also a model with the lowest degree of freedom . But from the perspective of product strength , Its performance can also reach the upper middle level , So you might as well add it to the list of considerations .

The three models recommended today have their own strengths , For example, Great Wall cannon is still in a dominant position in sales and brand influence ; Saic chase MAXUS T90 Have 500 The powerful power output of niumi , And has performed well in science and technology Zhilian ; A whole new generation D-MAX More domineering in modeling design , And has a joint venture status . Everyone can choose according to their own needs , Don't worry about choice difficulties .

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