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This is the foundation brought by m3x Mars architecture pro to the star path

2021-08-26 08:08:47 Car loving Corps

“ It will be the worst , The hills are small ”, For Du Fu at that time , Only one brave 、 The heart that dares to go first , To deserve the vastest and grandest in the world , And his bravery , It all comes from his literary talent and youth .

When Xingtu launched Lingyun and range moon , Maybe his heart is the same as Du Fu , Full of bravery , And dare to go first . And what brings Xingtu this confidence , It is undoubtedly the new architecture released a few days ago ——M3X Mars Architecture PRO.

M3X The Mars framework was first built in 2020 Beijing auto show released , among M It means Mars (Mars)、3 representative 3 All living things 、X Is infinite possibility . and M3X Mars Architecture PRO And it brings 4 Large module ,13 Upgrade customer benefits ,63 Product technology / Functional innovation .

Among them , What deserves our attention most is 3 In terms of , They are one 2.0T High power engine 、 A set of engines + Front dual motor + Hybrid four-wheel drive system composed of rear motor 、 And the lion Zhiyun lion System .

motivation , Chery's latest 2.0T High power engine adopts ultra-high pressure oil pump , The material of valve train has been upgraded 、 Optimize the matching and calibration of combustion system , Let its maximum output power reach 192kW, Peak torque 400N·m, The thermal efficiency has also reached 41%. Such data can be said to be very eye-catching , But from a market perspective , Chery's power set did appear a little late , What's more, the specific performance will not be known until the actual installation and test drive .

Hybrid system , This set of power is driven by the engine + Front dual motor + Hybrid 4WD composed of rear motor , Compared with traditional PHEV The model has stronger power , Officials said that this set of power realized the 100 km acceleration of the whole vehicle 5s, The comprehensive fuel consumption is lower than 1L The performance of the . alike , This power system is very bright in data , But the actual performance still needs to be tried before you know .

Besides , Time M3X Mars Architecture PRO And the lion Zhiyun lion The system evolved to 4.1 edition , Can have FOTA Upgrade features , Support powertrain 、 Communication network system 、 Infotainment system 、 Intelligent driving and other systems . And also upgraded the new star life APP, It can realize remote control of vehicles 、 Mobile phone Bluetooth key 、 Mobile phone assistance OTA wait .

In the release M3X Mars Architecture PRO At the same time , Lingyun 400T It's also officially unveiled , It carries 2.0T High power engine , however 15.90-17.99 A pre-sale price of ten thousand yuan , Compared with its predecessor, Xingtu TXL, It's basically the same , This is basically an increase in quantity without an increase in price , And the configuration of the whole vehicle has also been improved , The cost performance has improved a lot .

aesthetic , Lingyun 400T Adopt the latest design style , The penetrating front headlight group is integrated into the star path LOGO, The transverse air intake grille is decorated with silver trim strips on both sides , It also optimizes the front bumper , The overall sports atmosphere is full .

interiors , Lingyun 400T Will pick up Lion4.0+ Lion smart cloud car system , matching Inter4 nucleus 2.0GHz processor , With multi-dimensional intelligent biometric function and FOTA Firmware remote cloud upgrade function , The overall sense of science and technology is full , It is also convenient for users to use . in addition , The front cabin is equipped with double-layer laminated ultra silent glass , Equipped with Sony Hi fi , Very advanced .

It is worth mentioning that ,Lion4.0+ Lion smart cloud car system provides FOTA Upgrade features , Remote control of power 、 The Internet 、 entertainment 、 Upgrade the intelligent driving system . This keeps the vehicle updated , At the same time, it is also conducive for car enterprises to collect more user data , Build a user model , To better feed the vehicle upgrade .

Chery has always had its own high-end dream , At that time, other independent automobile brands did not have the confidence to consider the layout of high-end , However, Chery has laid out Guanzhi car . Although Chery didn't succeed in the end , But from the emergence of Xingtu brand , We can also see Chery's pursuit of dreams .

It is a pity , In terms of sales volume , The results of the month are somewhat unsatisfactory . Lingyun 400T The arrival of the moon can well get the moon out of the situation of fighting alone , Let the product strength of Xingtu brand further . In especial 2.0T The addition of the engine , Be able to the brand of Xingtu “ High-end ” It has a strong reinforcing effect , Also solved Lingyun 400T When competing with similar models “ Face problem ”.

But there's so much to say , Final Lingyun 400T Can it really be as ambitious as his name , Finally, we have to leave the problem to the market , Let the consumer give the answer .

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