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35 years old this year, with a monthly income of 15000, what class B car is recommended?

2021-08-26 08:10:04 Car loving Corps

Recently, a fan asked , Myself this year 35 Year old , Monthly income 1.5 Ten thousand yuan or so , Already married , There are two children at home , Do you have any better B Class car recommendation ? About his income level , In China, it has been regarded as a relatively good successful person . According to quality 、 Factors such as durability and space , I recommended him the following 3 paragraph .

Asian dragons

The guided :19.98-28.98 Ten thousand yuan

Toyota Asia Dragon has a very high reputation in the market , The car focuses on quality 、 Space and hedge ratio in one , It is a comprehensive car , In especial 20 Ten thousand B Class a car market , Asian Dragon is a must see .

Body size , Its length, width and height are respectively 4975/1850/1450mm, Wheelbase length 2870mm. The wheelbase and space are better than Camry , As a family car , The space of Asian Dragon is worth affirming . motivation , It provides 2.0L and 2.5L Fuel version / Dual engine version selection .

Maintenance fees , According to official information , The routine maintenance of Asian Dragon is very cheap , The maintenance cost of 10000 km is only 617 element , 20000 kilometers 750 element , The maintenance cost is relatively low , As a family car , The Asian Dragon is worth recommending .


The guided :18.59-28.29 Ten thousand yuan

Passat is also a business card in the Volkswagen brand , In quality 、 Very good performance in terms of space and driving experience . If your monthly income 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , Buying a car is mainly for household use , Passat is a qualified family car , Is worth to recommend .

The most important point , If you 35 I'm just a middle-aged man , Kaipassat should match your image , After all, Passat is a medium-sized car that looks very stable , The shape is calm , The space is spacious , The power performance is not bad , The comprehensive performance is really good .

Its wheelbase is long 2871mm, The space is similar to that of Asian dragons , For those who have experienced Passat , We all know that the space is quite spacious and practical . motivation , Passat offered 1.4T and 2.0T Power selection , I recommend you to buy 2.0T Power version , Better power performance , Better driving experience .

The accord

The guided 17.98-25.98 Ten thousand yuan

Monthly income 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , If you are an ordinary worker , This salary is not bad , This salary can also be included in 99% In the crowd , It means your life won't be too bad , After all, I have a good income . Consider age 35 year , There are families to take care of , So buy a car B Class sedan , Be sure to take care of your family , Such as accord is good .

Everyone says that accord is B The benchmark model of a class car , Fashionable and dynamic appearance 、 The space is spacious and practical , Good power performance and fuel economy , The most important point , The value preservation rate of accord is very high , So that you don't devalue too quickly in later use . So said , Accord is a car worthy of recommendation .

On the cost of routine maintenance , Accord has a good advantage , Query according to the data , Its first time 5000 The maintenance fee per kilometer is too high 298 element , The maintenance cost at 10000 km is 447 element ,1.5 The maintenance cost per 10000 km is 298 element , This maintenance cost is relative to the Asian Dragon 、 Passat is much lower .

Wrote last , Monthly income 1.5 Ten thousand yuan , It takes out household expenses , In fact, there is not much left , If you have to provide a room again ,1.5 Million income is not much , So buy a car B Class sedan , We must pursue practicality , The quality is superior . And up there 3 This car is worth recommending .

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