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The sales volume of Binyue has proved that finding the right position is better than anything

2021-08-26 08:10:15 Car loving Corps

No one is ever young , But there are always young people . Just as idol commonly , There will always be people who have been angry , There will always be new people to replace . Compared with the older generation , Newcomers may have shortcomings , For example, experience 、 For example, word of mouth 、 For example, the number of fans . however , Just find the right position , Youth is always the greatest capital . Same thing , It's suitable to use it on bingyue .

A small car with a three cylinder engine SUV, How does this match look? It doesn't match , No one will believe that such a car can survive , Not to mention selling . however , That's it. The more colorful it is , But with 32 Sold in months 35 Thousands of cars , The average monthly sales exceed 1 Thousands of cars .

With this achievement , The more fun is here, the less 3 Years of time to catch up with the old master Binzhi and XR-V, Among the domestic small enterprises SUV Sales list TOP3. Through this sales performance , Bingyue has proved the accuracy of its positioning , The rest is to constantly strengthen their own strength , therefore , The changed style is more and more colorful . This time, , It becomes more athletic and younger .

3 Years ago , If a car wants to sell well , The first is cheap .3 After year , This theory is more limited , Not only cheap , And good enough . In short , Price can no longer be a small SUV Your winning weapon , The more bin wants to continue to win , Must become stronger and better .

One “ Good leather bag ”, It can add a lot of color to the vehicle . For debut 3 For the year of bingyue , Make a drastic “ Cosmetic surgery ” It's not appropriate , Small scale 、 Minor adjustments to the details are the king . therefore , Xinbinyue follows the original design concept , Opposite hub 、 Brake calipers 、 Tail 、 Exhaust port 、 The hood 、 The front bumper style and front lip have been adjusted , Give people a feeling that I don't “ Cosmetic surgery ”, But I just have a different sense of immediacy .

however , What a good bag , Can't cover up your inner maturity , Therefore, Xinbin has not surprisingly taken a rest for the interior . For example, we saw a more jumping yellow and black contrast 、72 Color rhythm atmosphere lamp 、 New handle design, etc . And out of sight , Xinbingyue also upgraded the configuration . For example, it supports two wheeled vehicle scene recognition AEB Urban pre collision system 、 The first of its kind ELKA Intelligent safety configuration such as lane emergency avoidance system , And upgrade the panoramic image to 540° Panoramic images , stay 360° Add... Based on the image 180° Chassis perspective function .

Besides , Xinbingyue has also upgraded the technology configuration . Just sort it out , Generally, it has richer recognition scenes L2 Intelligent driving system ; The whole vehicle can be realized OTA upgrade ; Carrying the galaxy OS System , More calculating power 、 Faster . But in fact , Geely's safety configuration and vehicle engine system are all very good , Can also be among the best in the same level , But it has the problem that the recognition of security system is too high 、 The central control occasionally has problems such as Caton . So in my personal opinion , Optimization is more important than upgrading , Excessive upgrading can easily give people the illusion of excessive force .

In a small SUV field , The main competitive product of Binyue is Chang'an CS35PLUS And Baojun 510 Models such as . But it's different from 3 Years ago , Today's small SUV The market has gradually declined , current “ Wanche Club ” There is only Binzhi left 、XR-V It's just fun . and , Although Binyue has a certain distance from the first two cars , But it is far ahead of Chang'an in the rear CS35PLUS And Baojun 510 Models such as .

From the coffee point of view , Today's Binyue is a representative work 、 Flow rate 、 With certain qualifications idol, But it is in a rather awkward position . Above is the old generation's suppression , I can't find a competitor with comparable sales . In the absence of an opponent , The most taboo is standing still —— This is equivalent to giving others a chance to catch up later .

On the whole ,10 Ten thousand yuan small SUV The market volume is already small , Many joint venture models or give up the competition , Or not involved at all , But most Chinese brands still care about this market , Like BYD 、 Changan and GAC passenger cars, etc . Maybe from the model , Binyue has succeeded in leading its opponents , But from the manufacturer's point of view , The strength of these manufacturers is not weak , It's hard to guarantee that we won't launch a new car to fight when Binyue is more relaxed , Just like the birth of Binyue in the sky .

therefore , We can also see from this change , The change of xinbingyue is obvious . In addition to the indicators such as power and spatial performance, they have been upgraded and adjusted : Design has become more sporty and radical , Fit the aesthetics of young consumers ; The configuration also emphasizes science and technology , Try to bring consumers an updated experience .

in general , Compare with your peers , The upgraded new color is more young and fashionable in design , Configuration also has a certain leading edge . When the price is close ,1.5T Three cylinder /1.4T The power combination of the four cylinders is also relatively rich , Can meet the needs of different consumers . therefore , For the future development of Binyue , I think it's worth looking forward to .

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