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Sister models of the world! What is the "magic" of these SUVs?

2021-08-26 08:10:30 Car loving Corps

Since the reform and opening up of our country , Once the strategy of exchanging market for technology in the automobile industry attracted many powerful automobile brands . among , The public 、 Toyota and Honda have successively established joint venture brands in the form of joint ventures in China , Its global models have been introduced to its two joint venture brands for domestic production , Also developed a lot of “ Special models ”, These models have become the mainstay of each market segment .

all the time , We will the public 、 Toyota and Honda introduced domestic models called sister models , This is the so-called two car strategy . Now in the monthly sales list of each segment , We saw a lot of people 、 Sister models launched by Toyota, Honda and other brands in China have entered the top of the sales list . For example, Langyi in a car / baolai 、 The accord /INSPIRE、 magotan / passat ,SUV Inside CR-V/ Haoying 、 Bean wisdom /XR-V、C-HR/ Yize 、RAV4 Rong Fang / Willanda and others are sister models . There are many sister models which can be said to go hand in hand in terms of sales , Today, the author takes 7 month SUV Take sales as an example , See what these sister models have “ magic power ”.

This year's car market has been affected by two factors , First, the car market fell , The second is the chip crisis , Many auto companies are deeply involved in the chip crisis , Honda is one of them . But even affected by the lack of chips , Honda CR-V/ Haoying two compact SUV Can still rank in SUV Top of the sales list . among ,CR-V stay 7 Monthly sales reached 15263 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 150289 car ; And haoying 7 Month sold 16263 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 95368 car . As a sister model ,CR-V/ The reason why haoying sells well is not only brand empowerment , Those who entered the market earlier CR-V It has laid a reputation foundation for the latecomer haoying .

In terms of product power , Throw away the subjective aesthetic in design , The performance of both in space and durability belongs to the upper middle level among the models of the same level , in addition , Honda models that emphasize driving quality in recent years , The problem of poor sound insulation, which was criticized in the past, has also been upgraded and solved . More Than This ,CR-V Provides fuel 、 hybrid 、 There are three power options for plug-in hybrid , The price range becomes wider , The plug-in hybrid version of haoying will also be on the market within this year , Both plus a high hedge rate 、 Fuel saving features , It has become the main choice for people to travel in cities SUV.

It can be seen from the new product launch and model replacement in recent years , Now in TNGA With the blessing of Architecture , Toyota's design has bid farewell to the golden mean style , Become more dynamic 、 More urbanized . With Honda CR-V/ Haoying's situation is somewhat similar , Those who entered the market earlier RAV4 Rongfang laid a foundation of public praise for the latecomer willanda , As a result, sales have been rising . stay 7 month ,RAV4 Rongfang's sales volume is 20390 car , front 7 Last month's sales were 117266 car ; Willanda's sales are 12291 car , front 7 The monthly sales volume is 73045 car .

Although Toyota RAV4 Rong Fang / Willanda is not as good as Honda in overall sales CR-V/ Haoying , But their performance is still better than many joint venture models at the same level , And the terminal price is stronger . First look at it. RAV4 Rong Fang , Huge holdings 、 Good market reputation 、 Advanced technology lays the foundation for its hot sales , And plug-in hybrid models have also been on the market , The price range becomes wider . And the sister model, willanda , It gives consumers a brisk driving feeling 、 Space performance in the middle and upper and high fuel economy , It inherits the practical style of Japanese cars , also , It provides mechanical 4WD 、 Electronic 4WD and hybrid 、 Plug in hybrid , More choices .

As the domestic consumption trend changes to buy larger models , in recent years , small SUV Sales in the market are declining , Compact type 、 Medium large scale SUV Our market share is increasing . thus , You can see , Today's small SUV market , There has been little investment in new models or new technologies , This creates a budget just enough to buy a small joint venture SUV Our consumers don't have much choice , It has also achieved a small joint venture brand that has long accumulated a good reputation SUV High sales of , Mota is brilliant /XR-V Is one of them .

In the past 7 month , Binzhi sold 13517 car , front 7 The cumulative sales volume reached 98501 car ;XR-V stay 7 In January, they sold 11246 car , front 7 Monthly cumulative sales volume 107778 car . Mota is brilliant /XR-V It has been cultivated in China for many years , Know how to cater to the aesthetic taste of the young generation of domestic consumers in design . Although the two are small SUV, But at Honda MM With the addition of ideas , In terms of space, it has achieved the excellent level of the same level . More Than This , Bean wisdom /XR-V Carrying a few of the same class 1.5T Turbocharged engine , It gives consumers the driving passion they need . Last , One of the key reasons for their hot sales is the high hedging rate , This laid them in small SUV The position of the market .

From the above analysis, we can well see the strategy of today's auto enterprises , That is the overall strength display , Their product points cover all aspects , And highlight their own advantages in some way . besides , Honda CR-V、 Bean wisdom 、XR-V And Toyota RAV4 The reason why Rongfang sold well is that it entered the market earlier , And accumulated a good reputation , Plus timely updating , Thus, it has become an inevitable choice for consumers . And as a latecomer, haoying 、 Vetlanda , It proves that good food is not afraid of late , In addition, their sister models have built a good reputation and brand empowerment , Therefore, it has also become a popular choice . So if you have enough budget , Will you consider the above models as your first choice ?

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