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Ferrari female driver rear end Mazda! Abuse each other's losers. I have a relationship to kill you

2021-08-26 08:10:35 Car loving Corps

In recent days, , A traffic accident happened in Guangzhou, which caused heated discussion among netizens , A man drove a Mazda out of Longkou West Road , A woman drives a Ferrari out of the parking lot , Then Ferrari directly chased Mazda , It led to the accident .

Through video screenshots , Ferrari female driver uttered wild words , Directly scold Mazda owners ( Mr.Chen ) It's loser .

And the following crazy words :

“ I told you , I have a relationship ”,

“ Prick silk , I went to your house , Smash your child , Kill you ”

“ Give me another video and I'll smash your car , Do you believe it or not ?”.

What's the age now ? There was such a dramatic scene ? In the age of the Internet , In a legal society , Don't such nonsense pay attention to the legal system ? Is there any royal law in your eyes ?

Some netizens said , How to say, Guangzhou is also a first tier big city , The legal society can't tolerate the villains to be so rampant , Especially with such a threatening tone , Want to hit other people's children , Kill each other .

About the traffic accident , Details of the accident , According to the video , Ferrari drives out of the parking lot , From the path to the main road , Maybe I didn't notice , So the right front of Ferrari hit the left rear of Mazda , Caused the accident .

Mr. Chen, the owner of Mazda, is already in 8 month 13 Daily accident alarm handling , And in the 8 month 18 Japan , Mr. Chen and the female driver of the Ferrari troublemaker went to the traffic police brigade to deal with the accident , at present , The traffic police have issued a notice of judgment , The result is : Ferrari female driver is fully responsible for .

In the life , There is contingency in driving accidents , But when both parties buy auto insurance , Whether primary or secondary , Basically, there are insurance companies to find out , Basically, you don't have to pay yourself , Therefore, it is also recommended that the owners of both parties do not have anything other than the accident “ New problems crop up unexpectedly ”, After a traffic accident , Suggest playing 122 Traffic police telephone processing .

According to the information of the accident , The Ferrari is not owned by the female driver , Are you worried about paying for maintenance ?

Of course , Some netizens also raised questions , Why did this little thing happen , The Ferrari female driver is so angry , Is the video only half cut , Before recording the video , Mazda owners are hiding something ? Is there any case of taking it out of context ? For netizens' questions , What do you think ?

Wrote last , Anyway , For the woman's wild words in the video , The words of threatening each other's children can also be said , Not worthy of sympathy , What do you think ? Welcome to the discussion .

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