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Audi q5l vs. Highlander, chicken head or phoenix tail?

2021-08-26 08:10:39 Car loving Corps

Someone who sees the title of the article may say , audi Q5L It belongs to luxury brand , The guided 39.68-48.70 Ten thousand yuan , Hanlanda is an ordinary brand , The guided 25.88-34.88 Ten thousand yuan , Put it together and compare it with embarrassment , Totally illegal , Unfair .

Physical truth , audi Q5L Market cash discount 7-8 Ten thousand yuan , Where's hannanda 4S The terminal of the store needs to increase the price , Low configuration, no car , Therefore, the prices of the two models actually on sale basically overlap , Comparability is really high .

Although Audi Q5L Belong to BBA One of the luxury brands , But with the loss of the official car title , The luxury brand advantage in the Chinese market is gradually inferior to that of Mercedes Benz and BMW . So said , Compare... In terms of price , These two medium-sized SUV Highly comparable .

1、 Luxury : audi Q5L Better than hannanda

In terms of luxury tonality , audi Q5L Better than hannanda , No matter how you compare , Luxury experience of appearance and interior , audi Q5L The standard and sincerity in terms of workmanship and materials are still very high , And hanlanda is medium SUV Benchmarking models , appearance 、 power 、 To configure 、 The hedging rate is very balanced , But I still stand in Audi Q5L.

Especially for business negotiations , If surface engineering is required , In front of the secular world , audi Q5L It certainly feels better to others than hannanda , More face , More powerful , Do you agree? ?

2、 audi Q5L Space is better than hannanda , But do not provide 7 seat , Lack of humanized choice .

Spatial contrast , In terms of body size , audi Q5L The length, width and height are respectively 4770/1893/1667mm, Wheelbase length 2907mm. The length, width and height of the fourth generation hanlanda are 4965/1930/1750mm, Wheelbase length 2850mm.

Compared with , Body size , The length, width and height of the fourth generation Highlander are better than Audi Q5L, Therefore, hanlanda is obviously an inch larger in visual perception .

But in terms of wheelbase length , Hanlanda is not as good as Audi Q5L. audi Q5L It's a big 5 seat SUV, And Hanlan provided 5 seat 、7 Seat selection , In terms of actual space experience , audi Q5L It doesn't have any advantage .

The reason is that Audi Q5L The middle of the rear row is raised , In the case of three people , The experience is really not as good as hannanda . But the audi Q5L It didn't provide 7 Seat plate selection , In terms of humanization, it is not as good as hannanda .

3、 audi Q5L The power performance of conventional models is not as good as that of hanlanda

Compare Audi Q5L And hannanda , We analyze and compare from the actual sales models , So the corresponding Audi Q5L The model is 2.0T Low power version . audi Q5L 2.0T( Low power ) The maximum engine power is 140kW, Peak torque is 320N·m. and 2.0T The price of the high-power version is 45.02 Ten thousand yuan , Not in the scope of this comparison .

Look at the fourth generation of hanlanda , It carries 2.5L Hybrid power system , The comprehensive power of the system is 183kW, The transmission system , The match is E-CVT Stepless gearbox . Power performance , The fourth generation hanlanda has the upper hand .

4、 Driving experience : audi Q5L Better than hannanda

The driving experience is still a simple chat , audi Q5L After all, it's a luxury SUV, Vehicle chassis adjustment and steering 、 The driving experience is better than that of Highlander , There is no doubt about this .

Fuel consumption in , Instead, I look more at the hero Randa , After all, Toyota hybrid technology is also at the first-class level in the industry , And Audi Q5L The powertrain has good fuel economy , But the actual fuel consumption is also 9-10L about . The highlander 2.5L The fuel consumption of the hybrid should be 6-8L Between .

5、 Resale value 、 Car maintenance cost : audi Q5L How about hannanda .

We found Audi from the first car network Q5L And hanlanda's three-year hedging rate data , audi Q5L The three-year hedging rate is 63%; Hanlanda's three-year hedging rate is 78%, In terms of hedge ratio , Highlander is higher than Audi Q5L.

audi Q5L


In terms of routine maintenance , We found... Through third-party data , audi Q5L Of 1 Thousands of kilometers 、2 Thousands of kilometers 、3 Thousands of kilometers 、4 The routine maintenance of 10000 km is 1096 element 、2644 element 、1633 element 、3065 element .

audi Q5L

Hanlanda's routine maintenance ,5000 km 、1 Thousands of kilometers 、2 Thousands of kilometers 、3 The maintenance cost of 10000 km is 1008.01 element 、1008.01 element 、1256.01 element 、1008.01 element .


Contrast is not hard to find , Just routine maintenance , audi Q5L The maintenance cost of is significantly higher than that of hanlanda , And much higher . The cost of other unconventional maintenance items is higher , Hidden maintenance costs , Luxury cars will be higher than ordinary models .

therefore , Consumers considering buying luxury cars , Also consider whether there is pressure on the later maintenance costs , Otherwise, I can't afford it , It also affects the car experience .

Wrote last , audi Q5L And hannanda ? The author has gone from luxury to tonality 、 Space 、 power 、 Fuel consumption 、 Comparison of hedging rate and maintenance cost , By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the two vehicles , Provide reasonable car purchase suggestions for everyone . If you buy a car , audi Q5L And hannanda , How would you choose ?

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