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Only the price remains in suspense! What are the highlights of Auchan X7 plus besides design?

2021-08-26 08:13:13 Car loving Corps

A successful brand needs both product and marketing blessings , And both are indispensable . After all, good products need good marketing to let more consumers know ; Good marketing needs good products as arguments . Grasp both product and marketing , Presumably for the establishment of 3 Changan Auchan, a passenger car brand for more than years, has deep experience .

This brand was established at the beginning of the release strategy , In the past 3 In more than years, we have achieved the goal of increasing sales . Just take the one that just passed 7 In the month of , Its presence 7 Monthly sales volume is 20154 car ,1-7 The total monthly sales volume is accumulated 146595 car , Year-on-year growth 75.6%. You can see , Chang'an Auchan is ahead 7 The cumulative sales volume in the past three months is close to that of last year , And this achievement depends on its Auchan X5、 auchan X7 Two paragraphs SUV Stable output of .

In the era of continuous decline in the car market , Chang'an Auchan's achievement is high in gold , However, with the increase in the proportion of replacement purchase in the next few years , The author thinks , If Chang'an Auchan wants to continue to win more consumers' favor , We must have higher-level new products to enter the market . therefore , Chang'an Auchan has launched a larger SUV models , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS.

At this stage and for some time to come , Young people want more than a good look , But return to the root of the product, that is, quality . The presentation of automobile quality comes from several aspects , Work with makings 、 Durability and driving experience . About Auchan X7 PLUS The design of the , Actually from 4 Since its debut in January , The author has shared its design with you many times , So this time I borrow Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS The performance of unpacking and sealing test , Focus on sharing its driving quality , See if it can satisfy young people .

The first is the power part , auchan X7 PLUS Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine , Its maximum power 138kW、 Maximum torque 300N·m, It matches the blue whale 7 Speed wet double clutch transmission . This set of power has been widely carried on other models of Chang'an , It has been affirmed by many consumers . So to verify Auchan X7 PLUS Dynamic performance of , The performance test site is selected at the automobile test site in Western China .

On the automobile test field in Western China , auchan X7 PLUS There are several tests to go through , The first is in 5430m On the high-speed performance Ring Road, it has launched a race of lap speed with three new power products , The second is on special roads 、 Cobblestone road 、 The ramp 、 Comprehensive road condition test such as wading . Compared with on special roads 、 Cobblestone road 、 The ramp 、 Comprehensive road condition test such as wading , It is estimated that everyone will be a little strange to the high-speed performance loop test , In fact, the high-speed performance loop test is used to test various conditions of vehicles at high speed .

The speed in the high-speed performance loop test is not what we usually drive 120km/h, But up to 220km/h, So this will test whether the vehicle's power performance can have continuous output . And this time Auchan X7 PLUS The high-speed performance loop test also increases the difficulty , Because we need to compare the lap speed with the new force products with faster dynamic response .

From the final result , auchan X7 PLUS Top speed to 214km/h, And finished the game in two minutes , stay 4 In the second place . Although ranking is not very important to consumers , But in terms of performance and top speed , auchan X7 PLUS Its dynamic performance is still worthy of recognition .

in addition , Look at Auchan X7 PLUS On special roads 、 Cobblestone road 、 The ramp 、 Test performance of wading and other comprehensive road conditions . From the live picture, we can see , It has good trafficability 、 Climbing ability , Basically passed the test without pressure , At the same time, the adjustment of the body chassis also gives consideration to the handling stability and ride comfort of the vehicle to the greatest extent .

For many new power models , In addition to more enjoyable dynamic experience and personalized design , Smart technology is one of their selling points , The intelligent technology of new force models runs through human-computer interaction and intelligent driving 、 Intelligent security, etc . The new force model brings a fresh experience as an intelligent complex , It caters to the psychology of young consumers who like to taste fresh food .

That's the truth , In the field of traditional fuel vehicles , Car companies are naturally silent . So in recent years , Many traditional fuel vehicles in intelligent technology , Have a good experience . Auchan, as a latecomer X7 PLUS, In addition to good power performance , Its intelligent technology is also its selling point . On hardware , auchan X7 PLUS Using extreme speed 8 Nuclear chip 、12 An ultrasonic radar 、4 Fish eye camera and other hardware equipment .

besides ,OnStyle3.0 Intelligent vehicle control system 、Geeker Internal and external dual camera face intelligent control system 、 Adaptive cruise system (ACC)、APA5.0 One touch parking system 、 No wheat KTV Hi, sing system 、 The all-weather bodyguard monitoring system guards your car in real time 、 Transparent chassis technology 、 Clairvoyant remote video system 、Baby in car Intelligent technology configurations such as child care mode can be seen on the new car .

As there is no test drive yet , So how about the smart experience , I can't share with you . however , There is an interesting part in this test , It's Auchan X7 PLUS Compete with new force products in interactive experience . Use the same test equipment and technology in the third-party professional test team , Yes 4 In the evaluation of the execution speed of the vehicle voice control system , auchan X7 PLUS We have also made great achievements .

The author mentioned at the beginning , At present, the sales pillar of Chang'an Auchan is Auchan X5 And Auchan X7, The price range of the former is 6.99-10.29 Ten thousand yuan , The price range of the latter is 7.77-12.99 Ten thousand yuan . With distinctive characteristics , These two paragraphs SUV Has gained a firm foothold in the market , And help Chang'an Auchan stabilize in 7-13 Million price market . So Chang'an Auchan's next step , Is to enter a higher-level market .

Although Auchan X7 PLUS At present, the pre-sale price has not been announced yet , But the official position is 12-15 Wan grade , This indicates that its price probably fluctuates up and down in this range . In terms of product power , Whether in terms of power performance or intelligent configuration , Chang'an Auchan X7 PLUS Obviously prepared . But Auchan X7 PLUS The market segment is quite fierce , Like haver H6、 The kei GS4 PLUS And other models also have great strength , This indicates that , With Auchan X7 PLUS The addition of , The competition in this market segment will be more intense .

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