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I'm in charge of my model car - exquisite motorcycle

2021-08-26 08:13:22 Zhuo Qing

The world of engineers is not always Haste 、 Wild , The same can be done delicate 、 Graceful and restrained . Here are the students who participated in the smart car competition this year according to the functional needs of the car model , The sensor mechanical support on the vehicle model is carefully polished and made 、 Stack control board 、 Built in power module, etc . There are no messy leads in the appearance of the whole vehicle 、 Ugly circuit board , The whole car model looks so elegant and exquisite , I can't put it down .

Take a look at , It will make people feel that the engineer behind the model is full of desire for perfection , Filled with incomparable pride .

See here , Not only the silent question in my heart : The owner , Can the mechanical and circuit design of your bike be open source


§01 fine Call bike

Zhuo dada , When will the next model beauty pageant start ? The chief designer of our bike is eager to try .


§02 since Making motorcycles

Zhuo dada , There's something else I want to show you .

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