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Position the B-class car! All series 1.5T, with Aisin 6at

2021-08-26 08:20:16 Oriental Information automobile

When young people buy cars today , Level of appearance 、 Motivation is undoubtedly what they value most . See here , Presumably, many young consumers will think of “ Net Red God car ” The civic , After the launch of the new generation Civic , With abundant power and good-looking appearance , This has attracted many young people . But the car I brought to you today , Better space than civic , And the price is relatively close to the people , It is Chang'an Ruicheng CC.

As a subsidiary of Chang'an B Class sedan , Because of the full implementation of national six emission , The new model was just launched this month . At present, the price of new cars is 8 All start , It is also a medium-sized car from a large domestic brand , Really have a conscience . The appearance of the new car adopts the family design language , Similar to Lexus's China open style , The interior is decorated with banner chrome trim , Very strong sense of hierarchy . In addition to the low configuration version , Other models use LED headlight . Just look at the shape of the front face , A player with high appearance value , Personal feeling , It's better than Civic , Of course, what people think varies from person to person .

Double waistline design , Plus the shape of sliding back , With the smell of sedan running . Chrome trim around the window , Improved a lot of texture . The tail is very concise , Full tail lamp shape , Not much new . Single side double outlet exhaust layout , It has a sense of movement , But the hidden exhaust layout , There is no sense of class .

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