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SAIC r Marvel r driving test experience!

2021-08-26 08:20:18 Oriental Information automobile

In people's inherent impression ,SUV The model doesn't quite equate with sports , So naturally no one will challenge SUV The limits of . However , With pure electric SUV The development of , These accelerate faster 、 Better handling models are subverting people's understanding of “SUV” Cognition of vehicle models . MARVEL R In addition to excellent chassis adjustment , It also has unparalleled acceleration performance of fuel vehicles at the same level . therefore , Today, we'll try out... Using topics in several areas MARVEL R How high is the limit of .

This time, , We drive MARVEL R To test . The subjects we experience mainly include :0-100km/h Speed up 、100-0km/h braking 、 Snake pile winding 、 The road is bumpy 、 Elk test . Before the test , It rained , This is right MARVEL R It's a bigger test for .

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