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The sales volume of all models fell. Will the independent Jetta brand become the next Skoda?

2021-08-26 08:21:03 Oriental Information automobile

Because jetta cars sell well , FAW Volkswagen is 2019 In, a new brand Jetta was established . For FAW Volkswagen , This decision has risks , It's also a breakthrough . Because in terms of positioning , Jetta brand must be lower than the public . After the establishment of the brand , The main competitors are also many independent automobile brands . If it works , Then the position of the public as the overlord in China , Will be better consolidated . To be precise , FAW Volkswagen . High-end , There's Audi ; Middle end , It's the public ; Low-end , It's Jetta .

This is the strategic layout of FAW Volkswagen . Once it fails , Then FAW Volkswagen will be in a very embarrassing situation . After all , As a classic model with more than one million sales in China , Jetta is not only deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , And for some consumers , It has become a belief . In terms of sales volume , stay 2018 Years ago , Jetta's monthly sales are basically 3 Around ten thousand , The highest monthly sales reached 4.3 Thousands of cars . in other words , Cancel Jetta models and establish Jetta brand , Once the market cannot be opened quickly , Then FAW Volkswagen will lose a best-selling model . And a little bit more , In terms of sales volume, Skoda brand under SAIC Volkswagen , It's always tepid , Even worse . At the beginning of Jetta brand establishment , Some people even think that today's Skoda , Is tomorrow's Jetta .

Time flies , In a twinkling of an eye 2021 year 8 month , Jetta brand has been established for more than two years , How the market performs ? The sales data of the passenger union show , Jetta brand 7 The cumulative monthly sales volume is 9202 car , Year-on-year decline in 17.18%, fell 35.47%. among , jetta VS5 Sales of 3877 car , Year-on-year decline in 23.27%, It's down on a month on month basis 34.32%; jetta VA3 Sales of 3146 car . Year-on-year decline in 18.31%, fell 42.9%. From the above data , Although Jetta brand has fallen by a large margin , But it's still much better than Skoda . Because Skoda is 7 The sales volume of all models in June was only 2900 car , The monthly sales of some models are single digit and ten digit . The best selling Mingrui , Monthly sales are only 1000 More than one .

because 2019 Nian Jetta VS5 In the early months of listing , Sales have been good . therefore 2020 year , FAW Volkswagen has set a target for Jetta brand 20 Million annual sales target . But unfortunately ,2020 Nian Jetta VS5 Not only did it not continue to sell well , Jetta, which went public later VS7 The market also performed poorly , The only car Jetta VA3 It can only be said that the sales volume is average . therefore 2020 year , The cumulative sales volume of Jetta brand is 15.5 Thousands of cars , Failed to achieve the sales target set at the beginning of the year . Before this year 7 Months , The cumulative sales volume of Jetta brand is 94715 car , The situation seems not as good as last year .

In recent days, , It is also reported that Jetta is separated from FAW Volkswagen , News of independent operation . In the opinion of car Express , Although the current situation of Jetta brand is not optimistic , But it's much better than Skoda . In a year or two , Should not go to the point of Skoda . Farther away , I don't know . Copyright notice : This article is the original of car review , Please contact authorization for reprint , Reprint is strictly prohibited without permission , In addition, no plagiarism or embezzlement in any form is allowed , Otherwise, the legal liability will be investigated . Some pictures of the article are from the Internet , The copyright belongs to the original author , If you use your work , Please contact us for payment or delete .

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