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Changan hard core SUV to the store, equipped with LCD instrument! People have many rare things

2021-08-26 08:21:08 Oriental Information automobile

SUV Models have been popular for so many years , But the most competitive is the compact class SUV, Domestic car enterprises are very interested in compact cars SUV The degree of attention is very high . However, the complexity of consumer groups in the domestic automobile market is very high , Especially in the vast rural areas , Maybe 100000 compact SUV It's not popular , Instead, we need cheaper models .

changan CS15

In other auto enterprises, they mainly focus on medium and large-scale enterprises SUV When , On the contrary, Chang'an Automobile takes a two pronged approach , Updated Chang'an CS15 small SUV. Recently, this new car has begun to arrive in stores , New design and CS85 as well as CS95 All in line , The front air intake grille is similar to Lexus , The overall aura has been significantly improved to a higher level .

changan CS15

The new CS15 The length of the car body 4135mm, The wheelbase is only 2520mm, It's a standard small SUV. Although the body size is not big , However, the actual rear space is not particularly cramped , The volume of the trunk is really small . However, refer to the previous CS15 Model pricing , The new CS15 The price is expected to be after the discount 5 Wan grade , It's really close to the people .

changan CS15

After opening the door , You can find many software and hardware upgrades , For example, the size of the central control screen has not only been increased , It also supports mobile phone interconnection , Higher playability . The instrument panel adopts the current popular LCD instrument , The lighting atmosphere in the car at night is very advanced . High configuration models are equipped with automatic air conditioning and one click start , The convenience of use is not inferior to those 100000 SUV.

changan CS15

The powertrain is still familiar 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , It is a pity that there is no turbocharging , But this powertrain can also output 107 horsepower , Pulling such a four meter car is enough . The specific fuel consumption performance needs to be measured in the later stage , However, we all know the fuel consumption of Changan Automobile , It's not a fuel-efficient car .

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