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Zhang Yuqi "overbearing and protecting her boyfriend", hard mango, but the comment area overturned!

2021-08-26 08:21:18 Tencent Entertainment

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Yang naive once asked Zhang Yuqi such a question :

Why do you always create an opportunity , Destroy it again ?! And you always do it for men !

Now? , Zhang Yuqi's fans threw this problem to her again .


The reason for this is :

This year, 8 month , Zhang Yuqi took her little 8 My boyfriend Li Bingxi participated in the love reality show 《 The love of daughters 》, It was also announced by the program officer !

Isn't it good ,35 Zhang Yuqi is in love again , But for a time “ Love brain ” The famous qiqizi had an accident in love !

8 month 22 Japan ,《 The love of daughters 》 After the third episode of their sweet love , The fourth issue of the preview was broadcast , In the notice, Li Bingxi said to Zhang Yuqi :“ Want to film ”, Zhang Yuqi's response in the clip is :“ Not everyone can be an actor , I don't have the ability to cover the sky with one hand , Walking alone is particularly important ”!

In fact, for Li Bingxi “ Have a soft meal ” This problem , Zhang Yuqi is in 《 The love of daughters 4》 The first phase was vaccinated , She specially asked Li Bingxi this question , Maybe I'm worried that someone will take advantage of this gossip to hurt my little boyfriend in the future !

But I didn't expect that the preventive injection was given , No netizens “ poisoning ”, Li Bingxi first “ poisoning ” 了 !

After watching my show, it's not dark yet , Li Bingxi sent a document , Be careful , He sent the document first , Then Zhang Yuqi responded !

Li Bingxi carefully combed the context of the matter , I'm going to join the group to make a new play , Because I was an inexperienced person before , Just chatted with Yuqi about it , Want to take “ Experience ”, Zhang Yuqi was right “ No experience ” The response of the : I don't have the ability to cover the sky with one hand , Walking alone is particularly important ”!

Li Bingxi wants to refute , I didn't ask my sister's resources , But mangoes are cut to this meaning , It's very annoying , How can it be like this !

Zhang Yuqi in love sees her boyfriend wronged , Naturally respond , And Zhang Yuqi has a strong character , If you start a fire, you'll break with mango !


Maybe Li Bingxi was busy playing the violin and didn't watch variety shows much before , Or maybe he's thin skinned and said “ Ask for resources to shoot ” I can't bear it !

But actually , Li Bingxi has already got Zhang Yuqi's 《 Dismantle a case 》 resources , Not just TV dramas , And Zhang Yuqi's endorsement , Zhang Yuqi's variety show , All have his figure !

Come back , The common problem of mango variety editing, even if Li Bingxi doesn't know , Zhang Yuqi, don't you know about sister Lang , Mango variety for many years , The notice has been like this , The audience basically knows it's a mess , No one took it seriously !

When Zhang Yuqi said with awe inspiring righteousness that she would quit recording , How many fans of Zhang Yuqi persuade her to calm down ;

Some even say , Zhang Yuqi, this is There are many people who are addicted to Do you ? How did I turn red in the past two years? I forgot Do you ?

exactly , When Zhang Yuqi joined sister Lang, she took X card , After all, singing is not strong, dancing is also smooth , It's all about getting along with sisters and talking 、 Be able to do sth 、 High Eq !

After finally forming a group, Zhang Yuqi's resources are more delicate and tight , Come on, Ben , The topic is endless , And found a boyfriend !

It's unreasonable for a trailer to quit in such a hurry now , You're waiting for the positive to come out ! On the other hand , Now that I've taken the job , There should have been psychological expectations before !

It can be said that Zhang Yuqi is on the road of men , Indeed, it has been defeated repeatedly , Every hot search is about men , Is this really life ?


The men chosen by Zhang Yuqi are too bloody , Can't bear to look back !

Zhang Yuqi's first husband was director Wang Quan'an ;

2011 year ,25 Year old Zhang Yuqi chose to marry 45 Year old Wang Quan'an , At the wedding, she said :“ I want to live a quiet life with him .”

But only married for three years , Because Wang Quan'an is outside “ rove among flowers and willows -- visit places brothels ” Caught in prison , Surprised the netizen's chin , Zhang Yuqi also immediately parted ways with him !

2016 year , Zhang Yuqi, who had just divorced for a year, got married again , This time I was in love with someone I knew, just 70 Yuan bayuan, a rich businessman in heaven , In the second year of marriage, Zhang Yuqi gave birth to a pair of twins , But two years later , They still haven't escaped the fate of divorce !

But what is more bloody than divorce is yuan bayuan's later disclosure ;

After the divorce, yuan bayuan posted nine pictures one day , Kuqiqi accuses Zhang Yuqi of cheating in her marriage , Then the two divorced and got back together , She cheated again ;

This is no doubt that Zhang Yuqi has always been a big woman , She had to tear up yuan bayuan herself , And denied that it was all rumors !

But in those years, Zhang Yuqi also willfully announced :“ When I'm single, any man can pursue me , Including my ex husband .”

The eight years of two marriages , Zhang Yuqi took part in 9 A movie and a TV play , But most of them are supporting roles , This tepid state didn't end until I joined sister Lang !

That's why netizens' warnings are sincere ;

Because for women , So many years , People around me come and go , Everything else is empty , Only your career is yours !

Zhang Yuqi once said , Women want to Have special independence and keen judgment , Let the children know , In addition to the beauty of fairy tales , And abduction and endless life accidents

I don't know if she forgot now !

Xiaobian can only sigh : Zhang Yuqi is really relying on God's beautiful appearance , Live a life that you can't do anymore ……

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