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Whether Lamborghini or Wuling Hongguang, these three parts must be replaced after 50000 kilometers

2021-08-26 08:31:29 Oriental Information automobile

Cars bring great convenience to everyone , But you know ? The car doesn't work all the time , I'll take care of it , Only in this way can the life of your car be longer , It can be said that the condition and maintenance of a car are inseparable , Later maintenance can make a car explode stronger power . For example, today I share with you this 3 Parts , ran 5 It must be replaced after 10000 kilometers , Otherwise, the car will have to wait to be scrapped .

The first 1 One is a car tire ,5 Wan Gong average 1 Ten thousand kilometers a year , The car's tires use 5 It's almost worn out after years . Tires are the most stressful part of a car , It carries the weight of the whole car and rubs with the road , In addition, it is not a particularly strong texture , So it's easy to age . So when you use 5 Ten thousand kilometers , All functions of the tire must be checked and replaced in time .

The first 2 A is not a single part , It's actually all kinds of filters , For example, air filter element 、 Oil filter element, etc . These parts filter out all kinds of messy things , Even gasoline and engine oil have impurities , If it is used for too long, the filtering effect will naturally decline , The impurities in the car are likely to damage the engine, resulting in excessive carbon deposition and power loss .

The last one is the three-way catalyst , This is a nightmare for all car owners , It costs a lot of money to buy one , And every annual inspection basically needs to change one . In fact, the main function of the three-way catalyst is to decompose the harmful gases in the tail gas , It can avoid the formation of carbon deposits in the engine , Of course, the main function is to pass the annual review , therefore 5 It's necessary to check and replace this part in time at 10000 km .

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