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Knowing that sedan SUV is the trend, popular designers hand over this answer sheet! Netizen: I didn't see it

2021-08-26 08:31:38 Oriental Information automobile

Friends who like to study new cars should have found , That is, the car race is very popular in the car circle SUV. As early as 2018 end of the year , Most domestic car companies have launched sedan cars SUV, changan CS85 Has been listed , The harvard F7X And Geely star are also working hard to promote . From this situation, we can see , This kind of car design will be very popular in China in the past two years , The general trend is already obvious . So you know the car running SUV Is the trend , Other manufacturers will naturally follow up this design in time .

Although Volkswagen belongs to the one who knows later , But Volkswagen has always had a strong control over the domestic auto market , Various localized designs are quite in place . Recently, Volkswagen has launched a new tuang X The car tried to run in a sedan SUV Take a slice of the field , This car has actually appeared at the Shanghai International Auto Show , Mass designers face the sedan SUV This concept , Finally gave up this answer , The appearance design of this car has nothing to do with the word sedan .

Tu ang X Based on the transformation of mature model tuang , So the size is naturally quite domineering , But the difference between the side shape and the cash tu'ang is really not big . The most obvious shape of the Coupe is the big sliding back , But tu'ang X Designers don't like this , Still make the shape of the rear of the car very square , It's just that the rear window has a small inclination . The whole roof is still relatively flat , This may be to ensure the head space of the rear passengers .

At present, tuang X Has launched a 4WD reverence luxury model , pricing 35.99 Ten thousand yuan , This price is as like as two peas in the ordinary version of the four way drive . This leads to serious homogenization of the two models , If you are a potential tuang consumer , Which car would you choose ? In fact, if you compare carefully , Instead, the old models are more in line with tuang's product positioning , After all, tu'ang has always been a hardliner SUV style , And the tuang of the sedan version X But it looks a little different , Many netizens said that tu'ang X I didn't see your new appearance .

But this can't blame the public designers for being too stubborn , A mature car enterprise already has a set of fixed design language , If tuang is really designed as a BMW X6 That elegant curve , It is estimated that the taste of Volkswagen cars will be lost . Besides, there are really different opinions about appearance design , There are also people on tuang X The new look of has no resistance .

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