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Is this new energy? The concept used to be more beautiful than maiteng, but now it is mass-produced

2021-08-26 08:37:02 Oriental Information automobile

When it comes to new energy models , Even if we can make complaints about its endurance and price. , But generally make complaints about design. , After all, it's in the mouth PPT Car making , Want to create a handsome “ the outer surface ” Absolutely no problem . Nowadays, it is also an era dominated by beauty , Young consumers recognize design , Once the design is excellent, it is half the success , But then again , Many new energy brands even build cars for the first time , On endurance 、 The design is sincere . But there are exceptions , When you see this car, you will doubt its new energy positioning , It is no exaggeration to say that it was produced ten or even twenty years ago , Everyone has to say it's ugly , It is national energy NEVS 93.

Does the name sound good ? It looks very in line with the current trend , But you don't say that when you see a new car . What we see now is a mass production version , The gap between the concept car and it was just a sky and an earth , The mass production version in front of us seems to be the product of the last century , Every design fails to reflect the mainstream of today's market . For example, does the front grille look familiar ? The strong smell of Saab makes people cross in an instant , There is no bright spot in the closed front and middle net , And the headlight groups on both sides can no longer be simple , Don't say this is one 17 About ten thousand new energy models , Even the old maiteng , It is also much more exquisite and fashionable than it looks .

Let's look at the concept edition at this time , stay 2017 The car made its debut in , Although it was not well-known at the beginning, it also gained a very good popularity . In front of me is the front face of the concept car , What do you think of the effect ? Although it is still very similar to Saab , However, the grid of Zhongnong grid matches well with the headlamp groups on both sides , Especially on both sides LED Headlights , The shape of the daytime running lamp is very unique , Even if it is not lit, it has good recognition . In contrast, after mass production, it , What else is worth mentioning about the headlamp unit except the lens ? In addition to the inside of the lamp cavity LED Day light , There is also a long daytime running light running through the whole front of the car along the air inlet grille , It's much more beautiful than maiteng .

The same is true when you come to the side , As a medium-sized car , First, let's make complaints about its size. ,4684*1778*1514mm Length, width, height and 2677mm The wheelbase , That's interesting. Is it so positioned ? Of course, there are not many pure electric vehicles at this level , It seems that it has little pressure , But from the side design , Obviously, there is no bright spot ,17 Inch rim style, low-key home , Say it sells 10 Everything is really too expensive . The tail is still Saab 9-3 Lingering charm , Even the logo at the rear of the car was not cancelled , But because it's a pure electric model , The exhaust pipe was cancelled , And it is completely different from the concept car design , There are no bright spots after the tail lamp group is lit .

Take a look at the interior , If the appearance is not satisfactory , In fact, the interior decoration is mostly disappointed , Sure enough , The new car still uses and Saab 9-3 The same design language , Or the familiar simple Nordic style , It looks good . In fact, the interior is very similar to the concept car , Because the concept car didn't have much interior design , It's just a surprise in the color , And now the surprise is gone . Fortunately, the full LCD dashboard is not missing , Let the interior of the whole vehicle have the only sense of science and technology , Unfortunately, the rest of the configuration is unknown .

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