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The red flag finally makes the Chinese proud! The appearance is not inferior to Maybach

2021-08-26 08:37:11 Oriental Information automobile

lately , This concept car, known as Rolls Royce in the East, has been completed , And restore the appearance of the concept car to a high degree . First , Let's go back to that one a little GT Car concept car . The strongest red flag ran to the sedan shop , Rolls Royce will lose sleep after seeing the real car ! The red flag is the most beautiful sedan car to the store , After seeing the real car , Net friend : You have to buy a car to sell iron !

There is a through flag on the grid , The front face is very exaggerated , A design with great tension , From details to the whole, it exudes a unique beauty . This also represents the design trend of future red flag models , It represents the identity and symbol of the red flag in the new era .

A long and narrow vertical tail lamp is adopted at the rear of the vehicle , The night opening effect is great . The door adopts double opening design , It is more convenient for passengers to get on and off . The side lines of the car body are smooth , Sharp waistline , Not inferior to a series of luxury car brands such as Maybach .

As for interior and power , The red flag concept car does not disclose specific parameters , Still an unknown number . To be sure , The red flag "E· habitat "GT The interior of the concept car will be “2+2” Seat layout , And the probability of mass production of the car is small . However, this design language is very likely to appear on the new models of Hongqi in the future , Let's see .

A large area of black glass can be seen at the tail , The front and rear windscreens form a continuous line , Bring a larger panoramic skylight , Down is a spoiler with a large tilt , The tail lights on both sides are arranged vertically , The red light band wrapped on the outside also has the function of width indication , The internal light source is also composed of three groups of white light sources , Keep Chinese characters of red flag , This is also the consistent style of the red flag .

source : A star family

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