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The battery is not durable when fully charged? Point 6 is easily ignored by maintenance workers, and point 8 is least understood by users

2021-08-26 08:37:16 Oriental Information automobile

Why electric vehicle batteries are not durable when fully charged ? The specific situation should be analyzed , It can't be generalized . Many users think that as long as the vehicle's range after charging is much lower than before , It is considered that the battery is faulty , This idea is incorrect .

There are many factors that affect the vehicle range , For example, the following situations will directly or indirectly affect the range of the vehicle .

1. Insufficient front and rear tire pressure . When the tire pressure is too low , It will not only cause tire deformation , Premature wear , It will also make the vehicle more cumbersome . Waste more electricity . Nature can't run far .

2. Inflexible brake return . Whether it's disc brake or drum brake . When the brake does not fully return , It will cause the tire to rotate inflexibly . The range decreases, which is reasonable .

3. Bearing ablation . The clearance is too large or there will be jamming . Whether it's the front wheel bearing or the motor bearing , Will affect the rotation of the wheel . The heavier the rotation , Naturally, the more power the car consumes , This electrical energy is overcome by these resistances , I've done no work .

4. The battery is deformed . Disassemble the cushion to see if the battery is bulging and deformed , If the battery is bulging , The battery must not be durable , Of course, some charging of the bulging battery will not turn green , It turned green for a very short time . Or the battery is cracked

5. Charger problem . The charger can charge , But the charge turns the light all at once . We had a charger before , After charging for more than an hour, it will automatically turn green . You pull it out , And plug it in again , It can rush again 1-2 Hours . This is the problem of the charger . The test method is : We , Try a normal charger of the same model for a few days . If the range will be greatly improved . That means there's a problem with the charger , If it's still the same , Then we need to check whether there is a problem with the battery .

6. Switch lock failure . The key of some customers' electric door lock is a piece of other key strings , A bunch of keys , It will cause excessive switch lock clearance , Cause poor contact of switch lock contact . Therefore, the vehicle itself will have electricity , But after fully charged, ride a few kilometers , The electricity meter dropped very badly , It will also indicate that the power is low . Simple detection method , Use the one button start function of the anti-theft device , Remote start . Then go straight up a slope and you'll know , If you go uphill, you won't be prompted to run out of power , Just change a switch lock .

7. Battery quality problem . If the above checks are the same , Then we will , You need to see if the battery is single ? This needs the help of special tools . Use the battery capacity tester , Fully charge the battery , Then discharge , See if the battery discharge time gap is large , Another look , The recovery voltage of the battery , The higher the recovery voltage , The worse the capacity of the battery , We said that before . The current battery capacity tester will also directly display the battery capacity , The battery capacity is lower than 70%, The battery is basically scrapped .

8. Other factors . Of course, the mileage of the vehicle depends on whether the awning is installed ? Whether to drive in high gear , These have a very big relationship . In addition, it is also closely related to the temperature , The lower the temperature, the worse the activity of the battery , The less durable nature is , The range is also significantly reduced . These are incomprehensible to many users . They think it has nothing to do with the car not running far . It's not . Everything here has an impact , Especially in winter , Some people install awnings again , High speed again , So the car is fully charged , How can you run far ?

We can also roughly estimate whether the battery is durable by looking at the charging time of the vehicle . When the charging time is less than 5 Turn the lights in an hour , Such battery life is not much better .

What else has a great impact on the range of the vehicle ? Welcome to add .

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