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The pre-sale price is 130000 / the maximum endurance is 600km, and the pre-sale of hechuang z03 compact SUV is started

2021-08-26 08:40:29 Driver of Xibeiwang No. 10

8 month 20 Japan , The new compact pure electric vehicle of hechuang automobile SUV— Co creation Z03 Officially open presale , A total of trendy games have been launched 、 Chaozhi version 、Z Trendy version of this 3 models , The pre-sale price is 13-15 Ten thousand yuan . The appearance of the new car is fashionable , And provides 7 Different colors are available , Range has 500km and 600km Optional for .

He Chuang automobile also brings users a large set of exclusive rights and interests , Including underlying interests + Limited time benefit package . among The underlying equity has 6 Big board : They are the whole vehicle 4 year 15 Extra long warranty of ten thousand kilometers 、 Lifetime three electricity warranty 、 Lifetime free roadside assistance service 、 monthly 6G Lifetime free traffic 、 The charging pile will be presented when buying the car , And provide free installation services 、 Exclusive many to one team service .

Time limited four exclusive rights :“100 branch ” Follow your heart plan , contain 1 The Fuehrer paid for the car 、0 Monthly car supply and 0 Interest car purchase scheme three car purchase financial policies can be selected ; For additional and replacement users , Additional applications may be made 3000 An additional purchase subsidy of yuan ; One out of three exclusive rights gift package , Buy trendy entertainment bag with limited time discount 、 Worry free power pack and reassuring service pack ; There is also a limited time 10000 yuan points lucky draw , You can win a Marriott gift .

( Dading's exclusive rights and interests are limited to 9 month 30 Recently, the user is entitled to , The previous blinding activity will take place in 8 month 31 Closing day , After the closure, there will be no more blind preferential policies )

Co creation Z03 Target the market at young people 、 Fashion generation consumers , At the same time, the car is still connected with EDG Jointly developed by . among “EDG”(EDward Gaming) It is a domestic E-sports Club , The main purpose of hechuang's move is also to target Z Generations of users create smart trendy cool new generation of smart cars .

Co creation Z03 Our market position is compact pure electric SUV, The appearance and modeling also adopt the iconic and popular design elements of pure electric vehicles . The front face is closed , And equipped with sharp style headlamp group , There are also similar “7” Typeface LED Daytime running lights with , And can visually form a through pattern with the middle light band .

The side shape of the car body adopts a large number of linear design , And used a two-color body , The color matching of all black on the top visually creates a suspended roof , The charging interface is located on both sides of the front fender , And equipped with low rolling resistance hub . The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are 4602mm/1900mm/1645mm, The wheelbase 2750mm, It can provide spacious internal seating space .

The rear of the car is full and has a certain sense of hierarchy , Among them, through design LED The tail lamp group is the most eye-catching , Then combine to locate the horizontal broken line at the bottom of the black tail wing and tail door , Visually, it has the effect of widening the parking space . in addition , The black rear surround with air duct design at the bottom also improves the sense of movement .

interiors , Co creation Z03 It adopts the popular integrated and concise design , And equipped with 10.25 Inch digital instrument cluster and 14.6 Inch central control touch screen , It also has built-in hechuang Zhiqu Ecological Application , And bonjovi (Bongiovi) Professional tuning system .

The configuration is also equipped with 360° Panoramic images 、 Translucent chassis 、V2L External discharge function 、 Power tailgate and HYCAN PILOT 2.0 Intelligent driving assistance system .

motivation , Co creation Z03 Two models with different power performance are available , But they are all single permanent magnet synchronous motors , The maximum power is respectively 135kW and 160kW, However, the peak torque is 225Nm. meanwhile , It also provides NEDC Mileage to 500km and 600km Optional models , The equipped battery capacity is 64.6kWh and 76.8kWh.

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