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2021 Porsche North China ancient capital exploration test drive

2021-08-26 08:40:49 Driver of Xibeiwang No. 10

In recent days, , The annual Porsche test drive in North China is staged again . Unlike in the past , This test drive is based on “ Ancient capital exploration ” The theme of , In addition to the traditional vehicle performance and the ultimate driving experience , More integrated into the extremely rich history 、 The humanities , And the new feeling of crossing time and space in different cultures . With the well-designed four test drive routes , Will go through the long river of time , Follow the course of history , From the birth of Chinese Confucianism in the initial spring and Autumn period , Have witnessed the northern and Southern Dynasties , Chynna , Song Liao , Until the capital culture and political development in the Ming and Qing Dynasties .

Initial station ,“ The state of Lu said ” Officially opened in Jinan , Passing through Tai'an 、 Qufu , Along the way, you will have a panoramic view of Dai Temple with thousands of years of culture , Make a pilgrimage to the holy land of Mount Nishan, the birthplace of Chinese sage Confucius , And the Confucian temple, known as the holy city of the East , Feel the foundation of five thousand years of Chinese ideology and philosophy laid by Confucian culture . And more importantly , You can feel , Everything that people remember , All have the inheritance of spiritual core . It's like driving Taycan As well as the Porsche plug-in hybrid model with the same leading concept , They all come from a great idea .

Back to the original , Let everything go to zero

Porsche has been on the road to electrification for more than 100 years .1900 year , Ferdinand • Porsche has built the world's first hybrid vehicle with advanced concept Lohner-Porsche. Now , At a time when we have an unprecedented urgency to replace traditional drive systems , Looking back at history is the vision that Porsche engineers have always adhered to . This vision also makes Porsche the first carmaker to launch three plug-in hybrid models in the global high-end car market :Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid、Cayenne S E-Hybrid and  918 Spyder. meanwhile , Therefore, Porsche takes the lead in technology 919 Hybrid The car won Le Mans for the third year in a row  24 The victory of the hour endurance race .

And in the test drive Taycan And plug-in hybrid models are derived from the previous inheritance . When freedom gallops on the ancient road , When people are looking for a thousand years of ancient charm and cultural resonance , Let the high efficiency of electricity talk with the traditional oriental wisdom , Outline people's common yearning for a better life through the ages , More practice Mission 0—— porsche “ Zero carbon mission ” At the heart of , Back to the original ,“ electric ” Bright zero carbon future , Pay close attention to “ Low carbon , On the road ”.

Ride a dust storm , Go new

In the distance, there are green trees , Clouds float in the sky ,Taycan Leading Porsche E Drive a high-efficiency power team . Through the ages , Great ideas were born in Qilu, which attracted countless pilgrims , Become the most important birthplace of ideological foundation in Chinese history . Now ,Taycan With answers for the future , Appreciate the beauty of natural culture with incomparable passion .

Dai Temple interprets the harmonious coexistence between man and nature , It is the place where emperors of all dynasties held the grand ceremony of Fengchan and worshipped Mount Tai God , Close to the awe of heaven, earth, sun, moon, mountains and rivers with the original ecological scenery .Taycan With the same awe of nature , The environment-friendly Zhixin leather is made of olive leaves (OLEA), And more innovative environmental protection materials such as recycled fiber awaken people's longing for nature ; Panoramic fixed glass roof as standard , Excellent thermal insulation 、 Heat preservation 、 Sound insulation effect , And the bow support is cancelled , Let the sun shine into the car , Ease into nature .

The pilgrimage to the holy land of Mount ni , With powerful performance E The high-efficiency power team showed extremely strong performance . As the curves on the road gradually increase and narrow , Adjust sitting position , Use every inch to sense nerves and communicate , The realm of the unity of man and vehicle follows . In comfort mode, the dynamic response of each model has been amazing , And when switching to Sport Plus Mode time , The weight of the steering wheel is obviously increased , Being teased and excited makes people step on the accelerator pedal deeply , Power spurts out , A large amount of adrenaline ignites the passion that has been sealed for a long time . And one of the Taycan Turbo S The standard Porsche electronic sports car sound system ( other Taycan Optional models ) It can also bring unique sound waves around your ears , Driving is no less fun .

In addition to strong power , A precise turn 、 A solid chassis is indispensable , Facing the curve with a sharp angle , You can deliberately cut into the bending center from the outside line , Adjust the direction calmly , At this time, all models have consistent sensitive dynamic response , Without a trace of muddle . What's more, it's worth mentioning ,Taycan Have industry-leading 265 kW Maximum recovery power , The energy recovery is mainly controlled by the brake pedal , about 90% The daily braking of is only completed by the motor , Increase the range as much as possible , So that the driver can gallop freely without worry .

The unique design complements the amazing Oriental wisdom for thousands of years

Taycan The unique and pure design inherits all the essence of Porsche , More revealing the unique style of leading the trend and fashion , And has strong functionality , In particular, many active aerodynamic designs make Taycan Have as low as 0.22 The drag coefficient of . for example : The air curtain at the front of the car , It can effectively reduce wheel turbulence ; The air inlet at the lower side of the front can be adjusted steplessly , Provide cooling air for the two outer heat sinks and the braking system ; The underbody is covered with a flat guard with a rectifying airway , With tail diffuser , It not only improves the aerodynamic efficiency , It also realizes low wind resistance and high stability ( High downforce ) The perfect combination of ; The rear is also equipped with an adaptive spoiler , The best balance can be found between the wind resistance coefficient and the rear downforce according to the driving conditions .

Pause , For a better start , Porsche's convenient charging network and services make travel worry free

Whether it's across the ancient mountain roads , Or shuttle through the bustling city ,Taycan Reliable endurance performance and convenient and efficient charging network make every journey enjoyable , Peace of mind . Early in the morning , Destination charging provided by Porsche in cooperation with high-end hotels , Make Taycan  Gaining momentum ; On the way ,Taycan It can access more than 90% of the public charging piles on the market , And via Porsche APP Query charging point information in advance , After charging, it can be through APP Pay directly ; In high-end business districts and Porsche centers, you can experience Porsche exclusive charging ,Turbo The charging point only needs 30 About minutes , You can change the power from 5% Upgrade to 80%, After tasting a cup of coffee , Then you can continue your wonderful journey .

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