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Well deserved domestic trump card, equipped with electronic file handle, 8at is insufficient

2021-08-26 08:57:09 Oriental Information automobile

This is made in China “ luxury SUV” Fire again , With the east wind of some domestic policies , Domestic national brands have also ushered in rapid development , It has also gradually gained a place in the market , Let many joint venture models , It has also been strongly studied in China , Their performance is not as good as it used to be , Nowadays, domestic consumers also have more and more trust in domestic brands , In this , It is also the emergence of many new brands , And the car we want to talk about today is one of the excellent models , Well deserved domestic trump card , This is the Mahayana we want to talk about below G70s.

The first thing this car builds from its appearance is a very tough man , The large grille makes its front face very , It's discernible , The shape of the lamp group is also very good , It seems that the visual impact is very strong , And there are no extra lines on its side body to decorate it , However, the outstanding sense of hierarchy makes its sports breath very obvious , The design of the tail is regular , It feels very good .

The car said that its interior performance is also very rich , The overall appearance is quite luxurious , The large screen design of the central control screen is combined with the electronic handle , Make this car's sense of technology very high , At the same time, the overall layout is very simple , It's very practical for people to drive , The multi-color stitched seats make him look more exquisite, and the comfort is also very high .

In terms of power, this car is equipped with 2.0t And eight speed automatic transmission , The overall output of power is awesome. , At the same time, it is also very practical in fuel economy .

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