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Volkswagen "pure imported" SUV debut! Equipped with new power

2021-08-26 08:57:12 Oriental Information automobile

Based on the current overall market in the automobile market , The public may smell opportunities for future development , Recently for SUV The market's love is well known , From exploring songs )、 Explore the mountain ()、 Road yue ) These styles are diverse SUV You can see this . Recently, it has launched a heavyweight that can't return to God SUV models ——T-Cross! The public “ Pure entrance ”SUV Appearance ! The grade is close to Qijun , With new power , Net friend : Price is the biggest killer . The heavyweight of this is multifaceted !

According to the official disclosure, the appearance of this car , Its design philosophy is “ Dolls ” New design elements , The front face and headlights are perfect in terms of overall cohesion , Chrome plated outer frame fog lamp and silver guard bumper are more wild in the body, and there are some occasional cute . The side looks like a compact sports body , Wildness and refinement coexist .

interiors , The overall feeling is a warm and simple style that does not pursue exaggeration , There are some wonderful designs , The three-dimensional layering of the center console is very distinct , The layout is neat and logical . In terms of configuration , There is no doubt that the visual enjoyment brought by LCD is very high-grade , The sports wind brought by the three amplitude sports steering wheel is blowing in the face , The seat wrapped in fabric is a bit of a pity .

motivation , The power of the overseas version is divided into two types , The first is 1.0T Three cylinder engine , The second is 1.5T Four cylinder engine , The domestic version will be used to a large extent 1.5L The naturally aspirated engines and 1.4T Powered by a turbine engine , with 6AT perhaps 7AT Double clutch gearbox , Its power performance can be said to be very smooth .

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