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The three joint venture SUVs that are most worthy of starting are the second one for household use without overhaul after 10 years of operation

2021-08-26 08:57:22 Oriental Information automobile

I believe many people know more about the current auto market , Now there are many models , Choosing a car has become a headache for consumers , Today's auto market is not dominated by a joint venture brand ten years ago , Domestic brand models can't be on the table , But with the global economy and technology sharing , Many domestic brands have also caught up , So at present, the joint venture brand 、 The competition of domestic brands is very fierce , The price decline of domestic brands is also favored by many consumers . But many friends have a special liking for joint venture brands , Especially for some classic models , Like the Japanese big three , Honda , Toyota 、 The three major brands of Nissan are the best among the Japanese brands . Many of its models have become regular customers in the sales list , At the same time, it has a long history and stock in the market , It's called the classic of the classics , According to the heat of the market , Let me share with you , The most classic in the market 3 Joint venture SUV vehicle , You won't lose money if you buy a car , See if your car is in it .

NO.1 Honda CRV

First of all, we should mention that a car brand is Honda , We all know , Honda is a car company pursuing technology research and development , The reputation in the market is also good , For example, its earth dream engine is famous all over the world , It also left a very good impression on the car owners , At the same time, it also leaves many classic models for consumers . Honda, for example CRV It's a very famous car , The past dynasties are very popular , So it can be called a classic SUV, As a city SUV, Honda CRV No matter how it is replaced , What does it look like , The interior design can satisfy consumers , More lively than German cars 、 And some more fashion . Interior workmanship , Space utilization and flexibility are good , And proud engine power 、 The fuel economy is also quite good , Quite ideal , Flexible handling 、 Interesting , So in general, it's easy to drive 、 good-looking 、 Easy to use models , This is Honda CRV The most obvious feature .

NO.2 Toyota Highlander

There is a good saying among the people , There will be a way to get there , There is no road without a Toyota , you 're right , Toyota has always had the characteristics of fuel saving and driving resistance in the world , It is also a brand tailored for home use , Many of its models are also known as the classics of classics , Like at home SUV This piece of , Toyota Highlander is a car that can withstand driving , This is a seven seat SUV, Sales have been stable since listing . And there are price increases , He inherited the Toyota car, which is easy to drive 、 Practical style , The reliability is quite high . The appearance of Toyota Highlander today is also very atmospheric , As you get younger , Personality makes people look comfortable , It's also obvious that the space is large , nearly 4.9 Meter car length and 2.8 The wheelbase of meters can make seven members more comfortable ,2.0T The engine matches such a big car , Power acceleration is not very strong , But city driving is also easy , There is nothing particularly good about dynamics , There won't be much driving passion , But high comfort and large space are its core competitiveness . Toyota Highlander's monthly sales are now stable at about 7000 or 8000 , The big reason is because of imports 2.0T Engine capacity problem . Of course , If his shortcomings are obvious , For example, the car paint is thin , It's noisy , Low configuration and so on , Of course, this is also a common problem of Japanese brands .

NO.3 Nissan X-Trail

Finally, I would like to mention that one model is Nissan Qijun , Nissan over the years with the proliferation of the word home , Its models were once sought after , For example, its Xuanyi has become the sales king in this field , At the same time, Nissan Xiaoke is a member of the compact level field , Also won a lot of sales , And today we want to talk about Nissan Qijun is also in a good sales range . Nissan Qijun is also a global strategic model , It also benefits from ultra-high comfort and high-quality three pieces , It has been recognized by consumers , as everyone knows , Nissan's naturally aspirated engine matches CVT Power gp-transmission , At home 、 We have done a good job in fuel economy , So Nissan is in the era of large demand for family cars , It can also be regarded as making a lot of money , Nissan Qijun, regardless of its appearance , Space , fuel-efficient , economy , Comfort is very balanced in these aspects , Xiaobian thinks it's a good model .

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