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In addition to destroying the smuggled luxury goods detained by the customs, where did the rest go?

2021-08-26 08:57:26 Oriental Information automobile

For some luxury cars , The high tax makes the price difference between home and abroad , For some outlaws , Take risks in order to make money . all the time , The state has made great efforts to crack down on smuggled vehicles , A large number of smuggled luxury cars can be seized every year , Many people may have seen such news on the Internet , Selling smuggled luxury cars , The appearance is as like as two peas , The price is much lower , So whether these cars can be bought or not ? The Customs seized so many smuggled cars every year , Where does it end up ! The smuggled luxury detained by the customs , In addition to destruction , Where does the rest flow ?

In the early days, the smuggled vehicles seized by the customs were generally destroyed , But now there are public auctions , A series of vehicle inspections are carried out before the auction , Auction in full compliance with the requirements , The price will be lower than that on the market , The auction proceeds were turned over to the state treasury , The car photographed by the owner has also changed from illegal to legal , However, the customs should issue relevant procedures and go to the vehicle management office to go through relevant procedures , This is a new car for smuggling

However, there are also some cars in the European and American second-hand market that are refurbished or disassembled and smuggled into China , Then assemble and sell , There is no guarantee of quality , For these vehicles, the state still adopts the policy of destruction , But watching this luxury car destroyed on the spot , Still very distressing ! After all, if it is sold normally in China , Millions of cars .

For some online rumors about the promotion of smuggled cars ,99% It's all scams , Because these smuggled cars will only be destroyed or auctioned , The smuggled cars on the Internet just take advantage of people's psychology of being greedy for small and cheap , Even if you really bought a smuggled car at a low price , There is no relevant proof that these cars are also problem vehicles , The devil

Therefore, there is no problem for some luxury cars to be purchased from formal channels or photographed at auction , And if you buy an online smuggling car , Will also bear great psychological pressure , Seeing the traffic police is like a mouse seeing a cat , For fear of being caught . I don't know about some online smuggled luxury cars , Do you think you can buy !

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