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It's finally popular. It sells 333000 vehicles a year, catching up with Carola, and the fuel consumption is 6.5

2021-08-26 08:57:29 Oriental Information automobile

Since these years , Chinese people's demand for cars is increasing , Have to say , Indeed, the requirements for cars are also increasing , Different from the past , Especially young people , There are requirements for your car , Of course, from the fuel consumption , The quality control , Level of appearance , Comfort, etc , Look at the field of walking cars , Volkswagen Bora , corolla , The civic , Xuanyi , Langyi et al , It can be quite prominent in the field of general sedan , It basically covers 8 Market formation , Of course, good sales , It is also everyone's recognition of them , But by comparison , Which car do you prefer ? It's finally popular ,1 Annual sales 33.3 Thousands of cars , Go after Carola , Fuel consumption 6.5, fall 3 It's really kind

Tell the truth , Bora is one of the most proud models of Volkswagen , in my opinion , I really like this car , When many people talk about Langyi as the sales responsibility of Volkswagen brand , Bora is certainly the first unconvinced , If it weren't for the bright light , Bora's obscurity , Just let Langyi take the limelight , however , Bora has a longer history than Langyi , Earlier than Langyi 6 More than years in China , Just in the past 2019 year , Bora sold 33.3 Thousands of cars , And in the past 4 month , It still sells 23808 There are... Cars , Second only to Carola , It is very suitable for everyone as a general scooter .

From its appearance and shape , Bora's visual sense is also very exquisite , The style , Its front face is “X” Type design , The design is integrated with the body double waist line design , Make the new car look younger , Single transverse longitudinal chrome plated grille , A large number of chrome plated decorative strips are used around , The whole department has adopted LED High and low beam source , The profile is also trendy , A double waist line is used to outline , Low in the front and high in the back can also reflect the dynamic style , In a glance , It's especially like a sedan , On temperament , Can throw out Xuanyi , Field street , It's really atmospheric . Its body length, width and height are also achieved 4663 1815 1462mm, The wheelbase has also reached 2688mm.

Bora's interior design still prefers simplicity but does not lose atmosphere , Adopt asymmetric design , The central control panel adopts piano paint baking panel with silver decorative strip , And added a black bright trim panel to cover , Not inferior to maiteng in texture , And in terms of configuration , Bora is also very rich , It is equipped with standard reversing radar , Front double balloon , Medium and high configuration and reversing image , Cruise control ,6 airbag , There are also sofa seats wrapped in large areas of soft materials , The main driver supports electric adjustment , The front seats support heating , Rear belt 3 A separate head restraint , The ride is also more comfortable .

From the power system and driving quality of the whole vehicle , Bora 1.5L and 1.4T Two power , among 1.5L The versions match 5 Manual and 6 Self - contained gearbox , The output power reaches 113 horsepower , Peak torque 145N·m, It is more suitable for transportation , Indifferent , No hurry, no impatience , Also save fuel , The fuel consumption is basically 6.5L about , and 1.4T+7DSG, This powertrain is more satisfactory , In particular, the shift speed and the implementation of the driver's intention are very good , The output power reaches 150 horsepower , Peak torque 250N·m, 100km acceleration only 8.5 second , Having such a car in life , It can really save the owner's worry , Save a lot of effort .

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