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It is the first choice for family cars, with top ten engines and a wheelbase of 2.6 meters. It is produced by joint venture

2021-08-26 08:57:37 Oriental Information automobile

Now many people are considering starting a family car , The requirements of this kind of car are not very high , The key is durability and fuel economy , At present, there are not a few excellent family cars on the market , Each car is unique , And Forte Forrest is also very suitable for ordinary families , As a joint venture car , Its starting price is less than 90000 , Also very good in space , The wheelbase is almost 2.7 rice , The key is that the car is very durable , Using Ward's top ten engines , But the sales volume is not excellent , Only... Were sold in March this year 5652 car , But the car had a monthly sales of 30000 , The gap is too big .

Forrest's appearance uses the classic Martin face design , Although the grid composed of five banners is not so atmospheric , But the sense of delicacy is in place , The headlights on the upper side are also designed with sharp edges and corners , Reveal a strong sense of sharpness , The penetrating lower grille also makes the front of the car more spacious and elegant , With the sunken lines on the hood , Show your style .

The bulging waistline on the side is full of muscle feeling , The through design also makes the body more slender , The floating roof sliding back style is obvious , The movement is very strong , The double five wheel hub is also very beautiful , The top is equipped with 17 " , The movement is very strong . The tail lamp running through the rear has a sense of design , The overall shape is also very full .

The dimensions are 4587*1825*1490mm, The wheelbase is 2687mm, It's much better than cars of the same class , Space is also very suitable for home , Plus a well wrapped seat , Very comfortable . The interior design style is also very warm , Plastic lining material is also used for medium and high configuration , Show the luxury of the car .

In terms of power, Forrest uses 1.5L and 1.0T Two three cylinder engines , The match is 6 Speed manual automatic transmission , One of them is this one 1.0T Our engine has also won the international annual engine Award for three consecutive years , It is also the first three cylinder engine to win the title of ward's top ten engines . Although this car is a very practical family car , The price is only 8.78-11.98 ten thousand , And then there is 1 About ten thousand discount , But the sales volume is not ideal , It's really regrettable .

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