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Chery wants fire again. The new Ruihu 5x appears, which can be called a small tiger 8 with a new 1.5L engine

2021-08-26 08:58:15 Oriental Information automobile

As the main body of market consumption is more and more inclined to the younger generation , Whether there is enough eye-catching product appearance has become an indispensable and important consideration for consumers in car purchase choice . No matter how good the quality of a car is , If there is no product appearance that resonates with consumers , After all, it is difficult to get the favor of the market . When it comes to “ Have quality , No beauty ” The representative of the , I'm afraid I have to talk about Chery , But fortunately, Chery woke up in time , A new medium-sized enterprise launched with a better understanding of today's market trend SUV Tiggo or dingle 8, With its outstanding appearance and generous price, Chery is really hot . Chery, who tasted the sweetness, made persistent efforts , Launched a new generation of Ruihu 5X models ; In recent days, , The media exposed the latest spy photos of the real car declared by the new car to the Ministry of industry and information technology , Let's have a preview .

From the new Ruihu 5X It is not difficult to see in the declaration chart , The appearance of the new car can be called a smaller Ruihu 8. The latest family “ tiger's roar ” Face before , Multi grid mesh air inlet grille with large opening , Match with the bright headlights ; The lower dam air inlet decorated with chrome and the imitation mechanical holes on both sides , On the whole, it is similar to Ruihu 8 equally , Full of atmosphere without losing the exquisite beauty .

The side of the car , There is little difference from the existing models , Regular and straight line modeling , There is no blindly following the trend and adopting a suspended roof ; Depending on the model , There are also several sets of aluminum alloy wheels to choose from . Besides , The new tiggo or dingle 5X The whole size of the car is long 4358mm wide 1830m high 1670mm, The wheelbase is 2630mm, Compared with the existing models, the dimensions are slightly improved . The rear part also echoes the front face , It almost applies Ruihu 8 The overall design of . Huge matrix taillights , A chrome strip runs through the left and right , The back surrounding design with large area silver anti scraper is integrated , The dual inlet and dual outlet exhaust system pendant improves the sports atmosphere of the whole car .

The interior part is not clear in the declaration information of this exposure , But compared with the appearance , I believe with Ruihu 8 There is little difference between the overall pattern and presentation . configuration , At present, the known models are different , New cars will have different rims 、 Body moulding 、LED/ Halogen lamps , skylight 、 Parking radar 、 Shark fin antenna 、 Panoramic images 、 Daily running lights, etc . And in the power part , There is only one power configuration for the time being , The new car will be equipped with the latest model independently developed by Chery SQRE4G15B Of 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 85 kw (116 horsepower ), Peak torque is 141N·m, Transmission is expected to match 5 Quick manual and CVT No grade gearbox .

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