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The joint venture car finally has a conscience! Standard electric sunroof, 1.4T; 6at, conforming to national VI

2021-08-26 08:58:19 Oriental Information automobile

For now ,SUV Models are still very hot in the auto market , Because this model is more practical , And coupled with the progress of domestic brands , domestic SUV It has also come into the public's view . Lift the domestic car , The key point to think of must be price conscience , For example, there are few joint venture cars of 100000 level , But it doesn't mean that there is no . The joint venture car finally has a conscience ! Power sunroof as standard ,8.48 Wan jiupei 1.4T+6AT, It's in line with the sixth grade . The protagonist of today's article , Is a more “ conscience ” Joint venture car , It's Jetta VS5.

jetta VS7 The front face adopts large-size dot matrix air inlet grille , Both sides of the grid are reflective LED Headlights are on , Both sides of the lower bumper are LED Daytime running light . The side of the car body is more relaxed , The line at the rear window rises slightly , It shows a good sense of design . The rear part is equipped with LED The lamp group echoes with the headlights , Good visual effect after lighting up , The exhaust is a concealed layout .

The interior , jetta VS5 The interior upholstery and appearance look and feel very similar , Whether it's looking or touching, it's not up to grade , Look very “ cheap ”. Although the interior also uses many design elements of Volkswagen models , But in fact, the interior of Volkswagen model itself is not brilliant , Not to mention Jetta VS5 The workmanship and materials of the interior are a little out of reach on the table . Especially after the rear seats of this car are down , A large hook sprayed with white paint and a black plastic trim panel that doesn't fit neatly , It does look bad , At this price , It should be at the bottom level .

jetta VS5 The body size of is 4419/1841/1616mm, The wheelbase is 2630mm, The space in the car is compact SUV It can only be regarded as regular . Even top models are not equipped with panoramic sunroof , Slightly less care for the rear passengers , And the protrusion of the rear central platform is more obvious , It will affect the ride comfort of the middle passengers in the rear row . But the rear row is equipped with a central headrest , This is worthy of recognition .

engine-side , First of all, praise this engine for directly matching Volkswagen's EA211 1.4T High power engine , The absolute power of this engine itself 、 Output rhythm 、 Fuel consumption 、 There's no problem with the noise , And it is a very mature product . I made no secret of saying , I like this engine .

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