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The new Highlander is actually shot, and the appearance design is more domineering

2021-08-26 08:58:23 Oriental Information automobile

Along with SUV Continued hot sales of models , People are no longer satisfied with compact SUV models , Many domestic independent brands have also joined the medium-sized enterprises SUV Research and development of vehicle models . With the rapid development of China's own brand car manufacturing technology , domestic SUV Car models have become the first choice of many domestic consumers ; This is undoubtedly for many old joint ventures SUV The car has had a strong impact , But compared with other emerging joint ventures SUV models , Toyota's Highlander is particularly bright . Despite today's domestic SUV How competitive the models are , Hannanda always has a foothold in it , Almost become a joint venture SUV In the model “ Industry benchmark ”.

In the near future , Some media photographed the figure of the new and modified hanlanda , Let's have a preview .

The new and modified Highlander looks , The most striking difference is the more rugged and personalized front face design . Change the sharp front face , Instead, the popular large inlet grille is adopted . The overall design of narrow top and wide bottom , Multiple chrome plated trim strips spaced apart , The headlights are more domineering , The inlet of the lower dam adopts inverted L Type design , There is no loss of personality behind the ruggedness .

The whole size of the new car is long 4890mm wide 1925mm high 1720mm, The wheelbase is 2790mm. Except for the increase in the length of the car 35mm, The rest remain unchanged . Compared with the old models, the modeling characteristics of the side and rear of the car have not changed much , It continues the consistent stocky and smooth feeling of hanlanda .

In terms of interior decoration, the overall shape has not changed much , It's still a presentation based on Introduction . But it enriches a lot of configuration upgrades . For example, tire pressure monitoring 、 Cruise control 、 The configuration of practical functions such as automatic anti glare of interior rearview mirror has been standard in the whole system . And in the power system , The modified Highlander will only provide one 2.0T models , Maximum horsepower is 220 horse , Peak torque is 350 Cattle meters , And what matches that is 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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