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Arrive at the office at 4 a.m. every day! Apple CEO cook directly contacted Zuckerberg for user privacy

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 In recent days, , Apple Inc CEO Cook said in an interview 「 I can't find it myself 4 I'll be at my desk at , And read hundreds of emails from customers 」. Cook also said that user privacy stems from the company values formulated by jobs , Recently, however, Apple seems to have done something 「 Against the ancestral decision 」.

8 month 20 Japan , Apple is now CEO Tim - The cook (Tim Cook) By 《 The Australian Financial Review 》 named 70 The cover character of the anniversary edition .

Almost exactly in 10 Years ago , Tim - Cook officially became Apple's CEO.

The cook 1960 Born in mobile, Alabama .

My father is a shipyard worker , Mother works in a drugstore .

1982 Obtained a degree in industrial engineering from Auburn University in ,1983 To join in IBM,1997 Vice president of Compaq computer company .

At Steve - Persuaded by jobs , stay 1998 Joined apple in , And all the way up , Become operations director .

2005 Become a year COO, And in 2011 year 8 In June, he officially succeeded apple CEO.

If jobs is a 「 Creative innovation 」 Genius , Dreaming of revolutionary products , And push his designers and engineers to make a breakthrough .

So cook is a purchasing material 、 Ensure factory quality control 、 People who reduce costs and control inventory .

Although this is a crucial job for Apple , But it's far from the exciting inspiration Steve Jobs brought to people .

2011 year 10 month 5 Japan , Steve - Jobs died , At the age of 56 year .

At that time, the employees received a push notice on their mobile phones , Then everyone instinctively poured into the main garden between all the buildings .

12 Days later , In the same place , Jobs' Memorial was held . allegedly , All six buildings had Steve's huge projection .

When Jobs is suffering from pancreatic cancer 2011 Resigned in CEO When I was in office , He told the board that he wanted cook to replace him .

A few years later , Apple seems to be lost in the wilderness of innovation , There are no new sources of inspiration .

But ten years later , Apple has become the world's most valuable company :2018 year 8 Monthly market value breakthrough 1 Trillions of dollars ,2020 year 8 Month breaks through again 2 Trillions of dollars .

Apple at four in the morning

Tim - Cook likes to start his day early : In the morning 4 At his desk before o'clock .

「 I do this because I can better control the morning , Instead of working at night and all day .」

「 What happens during the day can take you off course . The morning is your , Or we should say , The morning is your .」

It seems that cook has at least insisted 3 It's been like this for years .

Cook also said he reads hundreds of emails from customers every day .

「 Although it is impossible to read them all , But I will still read these emails as much as possible . It allows me to grasp the customer's feelings 、 The pulse of thought and action .」

Cook will then forward these emails to any team in the company he thinks needs feedback .

AI and XR The followers of

Cook is very excited about the development of artificial intelligence , call 「AI Has spread all over the current iPhone、iPad And watches , But it's just in the early stages of what can be done 」.

Cook said AI Will take away some ordinary things we do every day , And release our time , So we can do more things we like .

「 I'm a huge believer in augmented reality . It can enhance our dialogue , To enhance learning , And really amplify the value of technology to people , Instead of closing the real world .」

Cook moved through the air and began to tell his reporters :「 I could have called up a chart , Show you 」.

When cook said 「 I could have 」 when , One thing is for sure , A huge team of Apple engineers is working hard to achieve this goal , It may come true soon .

Turn against Zuckerberg

2020 year 6 month , Apple has enhanced the privacy feature on the device .

This makes iPhone Users can use other programs , avoid Facebook Wait for the tracking of advertising suppliers .

obviously , This is different from the social media giant Facebook It has a great conflict with the advertising model of search giant Google .

Facebook Express :「 This is for profit , Not for privacy . Apple is trying to drag customers away from free apps that rely on advertising , Because Apple doesn't earn a commission 」.

But cook went back by name at a conference on computers and privacy in Brussels :

「 A company and data broker 、 Disseminators of false news and division 、 An interconnected ecosystem of trackers and vendors who want to make quick money , More than ever in our lives 」.

「 At a time when false information and conspiracy theories are rampant , We can no longer turn a blind eye to a scientific and technological theory , This theory holds that the longer the participation time, the better —— All the purpose is to collect as much data as possible .」

therefore , It also makes cook and mark - The relationship between Zuckerberg reached the bottom .

Cook said :「 Ten years ago , Privacy is a niche issue . But now it is one of the main problems in people's mind , Because people know that the network has become such a monitoring tool in many cases , Establishing people's detailed files is far beyond any reasonable thing .」

Of course , Cook's anti tracking campaign soon became a successful marketing tool .

「 If you set up a back door in a system , Anyone can use the back door . therefore , You have to make sure that the system itself is strong and durable .」

「 otherwise , You can see what's happening in the field of security . Every day I see a loophole , Or a news about blackmail Software .」

Cook said , Apple pairs App Store The control of is also to ensure privacy and security .

「 Any form of regulation should be based on the reason that it is good for users . Regulation needs to improve people's lives , Just as an invention or technology needs to improve life .」

Technology has gone bad ?

「 Technology itself doesn't want to do good , I don't want to get bad , It's neutral .」

Cook said , It's in the hands of inventors and users , Whether it is used to do good , Or not used to do good , And it depends on Creativity , Empathy and the enthusiasm of the people behind technology .

Besides , When apple is making something , Make sure you spend a lot of time thinking about how it will be used .

These are the company values formulated by jobs .

The question of whether trust in people has been used , Cook replied :

「 In some cases , The answer is undeniable . I think it is the responsibility of all of us to rebuild this trust .」

But in fact , Apple made one 「 Against the ancestral decision 」.

Although Apple plans to 「 to peek 」 user iCloud The matter of photos has only recently begun to ferment , But apparently , Some developers released it last year iOS 14.3 Found relevant program code in .

Cook's report card

As CEO 10 After year , Cook made those who thought the company was too dependent on iPhone The opponents of the were quiet .

2020 The fiscal year , come from iPhone The income of is 1,380 Billion dollars ;Mac by 290 Billion dollars ;iPad by 240 Billion dollars ; go by the name of 「 Wearable device 、 Home and accessories 」 The categories of are 310 Billion dollars .

Include iTunes and iCloud Service for , Is Apple's second largest source of revenue , achieve 540 Billion dollars , And it's growing rapidly

2011 year , When cook took over , Service income is only 90 Billion dollars .

It can be said that the growth of services and the existence of wearable devices are tim - Cook's legacy .

The growth of service industry not only makes Apple get rid of its over dependence iPhone Apple's criticism has also raised Apple's share price again .

stay 1 At the financial report conference call in , Cook revealed 10 Billion are in use iPhone Mobile phone and 6 Milestones for 100 million other Apple Devices .

Cook said , His leadership philosophy is to be a good coach .

「 People are not looking to be told what to do ; They are looking for inspiration , They are looking to be part of something bigger than themselves —— The goal is .」

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