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Sudden! The Taliban seized US military biometric equipment! Multiple social media "protect Afghan citizens"

2021-08-26 09:02:27 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 In this era , No war is just a simple armed struggle .

The situation in Afghanistan is grim .

According to American media The Intercept reports , Last week, , The Taliban have seized U.S. assets used to identify Afghans assisting coalition forces 「 Military biometric equipment 」.

More Than This , Many western social media claim to provide... For the Afghan people 「 Protect 」.

Is that true ?

Facebook、Twitter、LinkedIn : Account protection measures have been taken , Prevent Afghan citizens from being targeted

This week, ,Facebook、Twitter and LinkedIn call , Action has been taken to protect the accounts of Afghan citizens , To prevent them from being targeted by the Taliban .


Delete digital footprints for Afghans , Facebook said Thursday , It introduces new user controls . These people are eager to delete their digital footprints , Because they are worried that their mobile phones or computers may be seized by the Taliban , And expose the relationship with western countries 、 International civil society 、 Contact with the Afghan army or recently closed Afghan government personnel .

One of the new security features 「 One click tool 」, Allow people to quickly lock their accounts , This prevents people who have not yet become friends with users from downloading their profile pictures or seeing their posts . stay Facebook Also have Instagram On , The company is providing new pop-up information , Remind users how to protect their accounts .

However, the company did not clarify whether it has translated its new resources and help pages into Pashto and dari , These are the two main languages of Afghanistan .


Twitter Express , Working with the Internet Archives , Speed up direct requests to delete archived tweets .

If the account contains information that may expose the user to risk ( Such as message record 、 fans ), And users can't log in ,Twitter You can temporarily close the account , Until the user can log in and delete its content .

A Taliban fighter in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, is searching his mobile phone for signals

Besides ,Twitter It is also actively monitoring the accounts associated with government organizations , And may temporarily close these accounts , Until other information confirms his identity .

LinkedIn Corresponding measures have also been introduced . A spokesman said , Links to Afghan users have been temporarily hidden , Other users will not be able to see them .

80% Afghan data are fully exposed ? US military biometric equipment into the bag

US military sources say , The equipment seized by the Taliban is called HIIDE(Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment), It is a handheld inter agency identity detection device .

HIIDE Contains biometric data ( Such as rainbow membrane and fingerprints )、 Personal information , Can be used to access large centralized databases .

2011 The United States raided Ben · Used when bin Laden HIIDE To identify him .

The U. S. military uses an automatic biometric system to scan the eyes of Afghan residents in turkam, Afghanistan

It is unclear how much of the U. S. military's biometric database on Afghans has been damaged .

however , A US Army Special Operations veteran said , The Taliban may need additional tools to deal with HIIDE data , And Pakistan may help .

「 The Taliban have no equipment to use data , But ISI (ISI ) Yes .」

Some netizens also said ,「 It doesn't make much sense to get a fingerprint scanner , Unless there is data . Like a captured weapon , Have ammunition 、 Spare parts and fuel , Otherwise, it's just a very expensive and heavy ballast .」

Except criminals 、 The terrorists 、 And people who work with the U. S. military , The U.S. government has also been collecting biometric information from Afghans who assist in diplomatic work .

Investigative reporter Annie · Jacobson (Annie Jacobsen) say , The goal of the U.S. Department of defense is to collect 80% Afghans ( about 2500 ten thousand people ) Biometric data .

Although we know that maintaining a large personal information database is very risky , And recent cyber attacks have been frequent , The U.S. government is still collecting biometric data from Afghans .

before , President Biden of the United States is in 2022 The budget for the army in the fiscal year exceeded 1100 Thousands of dollars , Used to buy 95 A new biometric collection device , To expand its use in Afghanistan and Iraq .

about HIIDE Detained by the Taliban , The US Department of defense has not responded yet .

Biometric technology ️ Military applications

In recent years , wireless communication 、 Various technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are developing rapidly , It has accelerated the application of biometric technology in the military field in the United States .

Biometric technology includes fingerprint identification 、 Face recognition 、 Iris recognition, etc . except HIIDE, The United States has also developed many technologies .

Modernization of biometric databases

Take iris images using the biometric automation tool set

last year , The U.S. Army has updated existing with new software 20 Year old biometric database , To help us troops stationed at overseas checkpoints identify specific people in real time .

The original database is associated with tables by software , Now it is to establish an association in the database . If a region of the database changes , The whole database will change accordingly .

Identify the enemy in the dark

US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Combine face recognition technology with thermal imaging , Recognize facial patterns by detecting radiant heat from the skin , So that soldiers can better identify suspects in the dark .

2019 year , The US military has developed an initial prototype of a hand-held binocular telescope for short-range scanning .

Combining thermal imaging and face recognition technology

Thermal imaging technology can detect the radiant heat of skin or objects , After proper calibration , It can also measure the absolute temperature of the skin .

The advantage of this technology is , Even with a mask , Thermal imaging can also capture the corresponding features . It can realize face recognition at night or under the condition of insufficient light .

However , The imaging condition is a thin mask close to the face . If it's a thicker mask , Millimeter wave imaging technologies such as scanners used in airports are needed , The problem is that the equipment size required by that technology is relatively large .

Wearable identity badge for soldiers

An identification badge that can be placed in a pocket or attached to a garment or wristband

This badge combines public key credentials 、 Technical progress in commercial wireless payment and soft hybrid electronics , On 2019 The first generation prototype was launched in .

With universal access card (CAC) equally , Badge public key based authenticator , Connect wirelessly and securely to end-user devices via low-power Bluetooth .

Soldiers must use PIN As a second authentication factor , Let the network system grant them access to tactical systems . When they get out of the system , Will be automatically logged off .

The commercial development of the badge is planned for 2021 Since the end , Field test and application to 2023 Beginning of the year .

Now , Biometric technology can not only be used in daily life , The application in military is more extensive and important .

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