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Just a little shorter than musk, Tesla humanoid robot shocked!

2021-08-26 09:02:32 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 Today, , tesla AI The day finally began ! Musk and a group of technical executives not only introduced Tesla automotive data processing 、 supercomputer Project Dojo、D1 chip , It also discloses a real-life Tesla robot prototype , It is expected to come out next year !

Tesla for half a month AI The day finally began !

however ,AI The day from the scheduled start time is still postponed 30 minute .

Musk has emphasized before , This time, AI It's actually a large job fair .

This matter should not be delayed , Let's see what new news Tesla and many technology executives have announced .

Come out


AI Can be regarded as a creature .

such 「 biological 」 It was built from scratch , It contains the synthetic visual cortex .

And this is the vision component used in Tesla cars .

When Tesla designed the vision in the car , It is modeled in the way that human eyes perceive biological vision .

In Tesla cars , Every car is equipped with 8 A camera , The camera data will be input into a three-dimensional vector space .

Each camera can create a different resolution after acquiring the original input , For various functions and purposes .

This information will be input into a complex neural network , To generate additional information useful for the autopilot suite .

Tesla shows how to process its image data in the past .

Shared in the past FSD As can be seen in the video of , Although the detection of each camera is very good , But it turns out that vector space is not enough .

Now , Tesla has been able to automatically label in vector space , Even if the vision is blocked during driving , According to the marked data , Can also be safe 、 Navigate accurately .

besides ,Karpathy The design of Tesla neural network learning is also discussed , Including camera calibration 、 cache 、 Queue and optimization , To simplify all tasks .

He said , With super cruise and Waymo Other competitors are different , Now Tesla's FSD The strategy allows Tesla cars to draw maps in real time while driving .

By combining multiple vehicles passing through the same location , You can get a complete map .

These strategies eventually help Tesla from its FSD And exit the radar in the autopilot kit , Using pure visual model .

Tesla's simulation (simulation) be of great advantage . At present, it has helped Tesla identify pedestrians 、 Bicycle and vehicle detection and kinematics .

The network in the vehicle has been able to draw 3.71 100 million simulated images and 4.8 Billion cubes .

Tesla's automatic driving scene simulation system can automatically label the scene according to the real video , Rebuild the scene , Finally, the synthetic scene , The system consists of five parts :

1 Accurate sensor simulation

2 Realistic rendering

3 All kinds of things and positioning on the road

4 Scalable scene generation

5 Scenario reconstruction

Project Dojo

If you want Tesla to use neural networks , Then you need a supercomputer .

Project Dojo So it came into being

Dojo The meaning of being

Dojo It is a distributed computing architecture connected by network structure , There is a large computational plane , High bandwidth and low latency , And large networks that are segmented and mapped .

Dojo It's a pure learning machine , There are more than 50 10000 training nodes . The calculation amount of each node is 9 petaflops, Every second 36 Megabytes of tile outer band width .

But it's just Dojo The tip of the iceberg .

Dojo All these forces are used to do one thing : Empowerment for self driving cars .

tesla Dojo The highlight of supercomputer systems , is D1 chip .

use 7 Nano manufacturing process , have 1024 Gigabytes of processing power .

Tesla robot

Tonight? , Tesla officially announced its entry into the field of Robotics , Will create a 「 Tesla robot 」—— Listed next year .

Tesla says ,Tesla Bot Will replace humans to carry out those dangers 、 repeat 、 Boring tasks .

Musk said , Robots will use systems similar to Tesla cars .

however , If they can solve FSD The problem of .

「 Built by humans , In the service of mankind 」.

height 1 rice 73, Up to speed 8 Km/h , load 18 kg .

Thanks to the use of lightweight materials , The robot weighs only 56.7 kg .

Besides ,Tesla Bot Also carry the 40 An electromechanical actuator , Human level hands and two feet .

The robot will achieve balance through force feedback induction .

The robot's face will be used as a screen to display user information .

Same as Tesla cars , The robot will use a vision based neural network ,AP The camera and FSD A complete set of computing equipment .

At the same time, there will be Dojo The blessing of supercomputing , Provide it with automatic labels 、 And training .

Last , Musk stressed :「 We need to make sure it's safe 」.

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