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3D "Avatar", towards the meta universe! Facebook launches virtual reality studio workrooms

2021-08-26 09:02:37 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 Meta universe ,29 The science fiction concept that existed years ago , But detonated the whole world this year . Thursday ,Facebook Launch time 2 Remote office application created in Horizon Workrooms,16 Personal synchronization online , Seamless connection of remote collaboration . This is the future of the meta universe !

Facebook To fulfill his promise of the metauniverse !

Thursday ,FB Flag Oculus Officially announced the remote office application Horizon Workrooms.

Time consuming 2 year ,Facebook To build the Workrooms It can make 16 A person sits at a virtual conference table and talks with people .

People go through VR/AR You can rely on your own 「 avatar 」 Realize seamless connection work .

It's really so magical ?

Workrooms How to use

From the demonstration ,Workrooms The user can according to VR The meeting room needs to design its own virtual cartoon avatar , The avatar floats over the virtual chair , Only the upper body .

The program supports up to 50 Participants , except VR user , Others can participate through video .

Workrooms It's a mixed reality (MR) Experience , People can interact on shared whiteboards or documents , You can use the physical keyboard to communicate .

The combination applies to Mac and Windows Brand new Oculus Remote Desktop app, Users can access... With one click PC.

You can also take notes during the meeting , Bring files to virtual reality , You can even choose to share the screen with your colleagues .

From a technical point of view ,Workrooms Support head tracking , When you look at a colleague or whiteboard , The line of sight will change .

It also supports controller less gesture tracking , For example, you can give your colleagues a thumbs up .

Isn't this the future you want ?

Meta universe 「 believer 」 Little bundle

Xiaoza is going to win the yuan universe ?

Facebook Express , This is a small step in building a virtual world , But it's also an important step .

1992 year , Meta universe (Metaverse) This concept was first used by a famous American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson Science fiction 《 An avalanche 》 In a Book .

What the book says 「 Network separation 」, The English word is called Avatar. The movie Avatar is named after it .

It is generally believed that the metauniverse began to be known by 2018 Science fiction movie released in 「 No. 1 player 」, The virtual world 「 Oasis 」(Oasis) Seems to be telling everyone , A meta universe is within reach .

Now , Companies must say that their goal is to nurture their own meta universe .

To say the meta universe 「 believer 」, No one can match Zuckerberg .

Xiao Zha once said , The meta universe may change Facebook, And change the Internet itself .

It is worth mentioning that , In the meta universe , People and companies can create content and experience , Transactions can also be initiated .

This doesn't sound new , It already exists in today's game world .

After all, online games are fun , It comes from the impact of other people's behavior on players and the game world , The in-game trading system has long been 「 Standard configuration 」.

But what xiaoza sees is obviously not a bigger and more complex 「 Game world 」, He thinks it's time for the Internet to spawn a new world .

Zuckerberg constantly stressed , Metauniverse is not just a game , We believe it is the successor of mobile Internet . You can use all the different devices , Access the meta universe from different fidelity levels .

In his opinion , This will be a sustainable 、 In real time , And there are no access restrictions ( Multiple terminals ) Environment .

He said ,「 Think of the metauniverse as a physical Internet , There? , You don't just watch content , You're all in it .」

Next 5 year Facebook To become a meta universe company !

The battlefield opens , Each family enters the game

This year, 3 month , Microsoft CEO Nadella Launched a mixed reality conference platform Mesh.

The platform uses Azure Cloud platform to facilitate remote participants through HoloLens 2 Share the collaboration experience with other devices .

It provides users with a cross AR/VR Meeting space , To communicate with other users and 3D Interact with content , Handled all the technical difficulties of sharing space multiplayer game experience on the network .

Last week, , NVIDIA released a video , reveal 4 Month in GTC What appeared at the press conference 「 Huang Renxun digital man 」.

In that video , Lao Huang used it 14 Second fake body introduces the product .

Domestic companies are also jumping wildly on the track of yuanuniverse .

Now AR/VR Showing a hot momentum , With the progress of technology and the entry of giants , This time it radiates new year vitality .

future , Everyone will have an immortal virtual personality , Even if the body dies , Virtual personality will evolve in the virtual world .

Meta universe , I can't see the end .

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