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AI heavy alloy equipment Trailer: high paste becomes 4K, Hideo Kojima tweets: going to be laid off!

2021-08-26 09:09:04 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 In recent days, ,Digital Foundry Published with Topaz Video Enhance AI The software is restarted with 4K Resolution makes games 「 Metal Gear Acid 」 trailer , drizzle 、 The text is more HD , Even the tired look of the soldiers can be seen . Game creator Hideo Kojima happened to tweet on the same day : Maybe later AI You can remake the old game .

I still remember playing after school in those years PS2 Well ?

2001 year , Produced by Hideo Kojima 「 Metal Gear Acid 2: Son of liberty 」 Released .

so to speak , This is the most popular work in the alloy equipment series , More than... Were sold worldwide 700 copies .

In recent days, ,Digital Foundry Released a video . In the video ,MGS2 The trailer has been reproduced in HD with the help of machine learning , The visual quality is full !

Remake the game , Yes AI That's enough

It's just Digital Foundry The day the video was released ,「 Metal Gear Acid 」 The creator Hideo Kojima also happens to post on twitter .

He thinks that , One day , AI will remake old games .

「 Creators may not need to remake the game themselves .」

1998 year ,Metal Gear Solid stay PlayStation(PS) On sale , By kolomei, Japan (Konami) Company issue , It has become a new type of game .

According to Hideo Kojima's production concept ,MGS The cut scenes are all real-time calculations , For the first time, let the game play like a movie .

Limited by the technology at that time , Now it's uploaded in the tubing MGS The game trailer is very 「 Low Qing 」.

But fortunately, ,Konami The company released the trailer DVD,Digital Foundry I borrowed it from the company Beta-SP Version of the trailer , Got it 60fps edition .

2017 year ,Digital Foundry The employees' John Linneman I've reprocessed this Trailer , Uploaded to the tubing .

And now ,DF utilize AI Remake the trailer again ,DF Remanufacture MGS The software used in the trailer is Topaz Video Enhance AI.

The software has two versions of the processing model . One is dedicated to dealing with things like VHS Video from a low-quality source like tape , The other is to deal with DVD and 1080i Video on tape .

DF Only... On hand 480i Video source for . It means , To create 4K60 edition , Each frame of the deep learning model needs to be processed 240 Row source image .

AI help , The resolution of the up!

DF It doesn't make the module maker bother to remake every texture in the game , But using deep learning software , Learn each frame , With 4K Resolution redo .

The protagonist's nose becomes more straight !

Reproduction is not 100% perfect , Some sharpen too much , Some are still very vague , But the resolution of most scenes has been improved .

The trailer is set in a heavy rain , So keep the video moist after reproduction 、 A heavy atmosphere , At the same time, the overall fidelity of the video has also been improved .

As the figure below ,Snake On deck , Original video ( Left ) And a remade video ( Right ) Very different in detail , The looming background of the original video and the rain have become clearer .

But in the helicopter part, you can see , Even if AI Of 4K HD reproduction is very powerful , But there is still no way to overcome the limitations of the original video , Not as clear as I thought .

For characters , The reproduced picture can even see the tired look of the soldiers . The enlargement of the text also becomes clearer .

However , As the island said , Artificial intelligence has a place in the future .

Topaz Video Enhance AI Such tools have been used throughout the industry , Most commonly used for game remaking .

stay AI With the help of the , Full motion video sequences rendered at lower resolution have been improved . And the cleaner the original video ,AI The more efficient the utilization .

however ,AI Remaking a model is like a 「 black box 」. As the user , We don't know how this model works , Therefore, I don't know how to improve the model when there are problems .

Although but ,AI There is still room for it .

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