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Facebook graphics God changed jobs again, NVIDIA DLSS pioneer transferred to Intel

2021-08-26 09:09:08 Xinzhiyuan

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【 Introduction to new wisdom 】 In recent days, , Intel poached Facebook The chief research scientist of Anton Kaplanyan, Helped NVIDIA develop DLSS technology . He will join intel AXG division , Vice president of graphics development .

Graphics gods join Intel !

Foreign media said , Intel poached Facebook Reality Labs The chief research scientist of Anton Kaplanyan.

He will join intel AXG division , Vice president of graphics development , And will become a key player in promoting game technology .

NVIDIA Of DLSS It's Turing / Ampere GPU One of the killer applications in ,Anton yes DLSS One of the members of our development team .

He was in LinkedIn Write on , betake RTX Ray tracing hardware design and simulation , Machine learning is applied to real-time graphics for the first time .

thereafter , He was in Facebook work 4 year , Therefore, there is no non competition agreement , There are no confidential information requirements .

He is still there. 《 Crysis 》 developers CryTek After a period of work .

Anton I like to study at the forefront of computer graphics , The current research focuses on real-time rendering , Including neural rendering , Perceptual rendering , Shadows and appearance , And resolvable rendering .

His research was used in NVIDIA's middleware and RTX Hardware 、 The game engine (UE4、 Unity、 CryEngine) .

Anton I've written an article about neural super sampling (DLSS/XeSS) And several other graphic technology papers .

It is almost certain that , He will contribute to Intel's super sampling capability based on ray tracing and machine learning in the future .

The graphic path of the great God

Anton He graduated from a famous European University of technology KIT( Karlsruhe institute of technology ), My major is computer graphics , Once worked for Pixar 、NVIDIA、Oculus Work .

The day before the announcement , An article entitled 「 My trip to Intel 」 's blog post .

In this paper, Anton Describes how you relate to graphics , And past work experience .

Love graphics

2002 year , Just a graduate student Anton He wrote his first path tracker running on Intel Celeron Processor .

He said ,「 Writing the program and getting good visual feedback makes me very excited , It's hard to forget .」

Inspired by these coding efforts and real-time visual effects in the game ,2004 year ,Anton Start developing games .

after , He moved from Russia to Germany to help develop CryEngine( One of the best looking game engines at that time ).

Final ,CryEngine 3 Become the first game engine to provide working solution for full dynamic real-time indirect lighting , Later by some AAA Level games use .

Use CryEngine 3 Engine 《 The sniper : Ghost Warrior 2》

At NVIDIA and Oculus Laboratory experience

Anton The doctoral research is optical transmission simulation , Because he thought , The next visual breakthrough may come from the physically accurate simulation of light transmission .

After completing the doctoral thesis ,Anton Decided to try to develop one of the technologies , And achieved success .

He and his companions successfully integrated technology into Pixar's RenderMan Engines and movies .

Used RenderMan Rendered movies :《 Where are the magical animals 》

Anton call , The focus was on the next generation for real-time ray tracing RTX Hardware design .

After he and NVIDIA colleagues developed new graphics hardware , Realize that the performance of these hardware is not enough to achieve real-time visual effects .

therefore , They turned to developing real-time image reconstruction methods for ray tracing , These methods are finally applied to games and NVIDIA middleware .

Anton Join in Oculus laboratory ( Current name FRL laboratory ) The opportunity is right VR and AR The interest of .

There? , He helped set up a new research laboratory , And improve graphics for this new media .

Full of confidence in Intel's future !

Looking forward to the future ,Anton Think ,「 We are about to enter a new era of graphics . Visual computing will become more extensive 、 More heterogeneous 、 More energy efficient 、 More accessible 、 More intelligent . We need more and higher quality visual effects .」

He pointed out that , The key to promoting the development of immersive graphics is intelligent computing .

Intel is at the forefront of new hardware technology and chip design , In computing architecture 、 Memory 、 Great achievements in packaging and advanced hardware architecture Interconnection .

in addition , Yes GPU The investment may also be a reason for the great God to choose intel .

Last ,Anton Express ,「 I believe that different technologies in graphics and machine learning will enhance each other , Let Intel's products become the favorite of game makers and players .」

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